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Sunscreen, wooden spoon, Martin Luther King and two strong women

"Does anyone want something from sunbathing milk?" When I was creating again I pressed the tube too much and now I do not know where to go, after all, I'm currently sitting in a regional train from Essen to Dortmund. It's not the best place for the cream, I admit.

The red-haired lady in a turquoise dress faces me with a hand, "Yes, I'm happy." Claire Hoffmann from Mühlheim an der Ruhra is a retired social worker. Drive to the Tauerbegleitung stand with the melodic name at the university hospital food. Paliativstation works under the auspices of German Hospice and PalliativVerbandes and Hospice and PalliativVerbandes NRW.

She is about eleven years old and it's hard to imagine what life stories he must hear and process there. Because of the job he is accustomed to a lot, but from time to time he goes to the offered professional mediation.

In fact, she is delighted with the great events, so she has also reported that she is being held at the show in Hall 4. There, the staff comes to talk to visitors about the wooden spoon. Then phrases and images can be written, then fixed with magnets on the trunk and switch to a small piece of art. Next motto: "If I have to give up my spoon … on what I'm proud of, what do I want to leave as a message?"

Gigantic feeling

Instead of accidentally "over the newspapers," Claire came to an honorary job. So is Sabine Böhnel of Leipzig. I've met her on the platform already when we ride on the track with tracks from the track to the track. The osuncated woman says she reported on a newspaper ad where songwriters were chanting for choral music by Martin Luther King. She did not sing in the choir for 30 years, and then she simply went on a routine test under the aegis of the gospel choir in Thomaskirche.

The mixed choir taught ten-date songs, a skin pattern in Hagen, a test on Wednesday in Kirchentau, and a Thursday kronor in Westfalenhalle to 8,000 people. Sabine's eyes shine. It was not even planned that she sang in Kirchentum, but the two events she had been allowed to choose were just Dortmund.

The concert was huge, the feeling of 2000 men and women's powerful choir is a voice that is unbearable, and it makes them happy that as many as 22,000 euros have been raised for good reason, the supply of water to Kenya.

He's even happier when he sings again. He will soon be re-enrolled in the choir. It may soon be on the stage with the gospel choir in Thomaskirche. In the spirit of Martin Luther King. "I have a dream."