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These 7 home remedies help with dry skin

Skin is our greatest body and it is no wonder that their condition has a great impact on our common good. It is just this that is endangered when it is drenched again, and perhaps even exciting and itchy spots expand on our skin. Traditional creams often only improve in the short term. These tried and tested home remedies help you reliably and naturally.

# 1 aloe vera

Neither the plant is found in any other skin care cream. Because their strength is exactly what our skin often wears: moisture. The most intense effect of the plant is in its original form, so you need leaves of aloe vera. If you do not have your own aloe vera plant or you do not want to rob them of a nice leaf, they are also available in a health food store. Inner gel sheets can be applied directly or in pure form to the appropriate skin and enjoy a clean feel of moisture.

# 2 med

The so-called golden bee is a balm for our skin: If you apply it to dry areas, you can directly feel the aging skin soothing and absorbing moisture. Who often suffers from dry skin knows: traditional creams often burn on affected, partially itchy skin and do not actually help in the long run. This is quite different to honey: it works anti-inflammatory, soothes sensitive parts and helps skin regenerate.

# 3 Wild Rose Oil

Oil extracted from the seeds of the rod is an absolute miracle weapon against dry skin. Through the contained vitamins A and B the skin is supplied with moisture and promotes self-regeneration. In addition, it still contains a useful linolenic acid that accelerates the recovery of our skin. Wild rose oil (soap) is absorbed very quickly in our skin, which is why it is also suitable for the morning routine, because it does not leave a hideous skin on the skin and can be applied shortly after use.

# 4 Coconut Oil

What many did not know many years ago is now probably one of the most popular verses ever. And rightly so, besides all the other functions, coconut oil is a wonderful cure for dry skin. Creamy oil can be applied to the skin at will or on a large area and, not only because of its antibacterial properties, will lead to rapid recovery. In addition, it is very suitable for shaving the leg, if it is drying the golem. Even with a dry shave you can use coconut oil beautifully as a hair mask.

# 5 Quark

Dairy products are also considered effective home remedies for dry skin. Especially when it is not only dry but also itchy and burns uncomfortable, Quark can cause pleasant cooling and calming of the skin. Quark is also very easy to use as a mask: mix a spoonful of quartz with a teaspoon of milk or cream and, if desired, a teaspoon of honey. If you allow the quark mask to work for about ten minutes, you will feel the current calmness of your skin.

# 6 Grapefruit oil

Nutritive oil has a particularly high level of saturated fatty acids, which is why it quickly penetrates the skin without leaving the fat film behind it. It is therefore very convenient for morning or for application between. It naturally regulates skin moisture and promotes cell regeneration. Especially when it comes to skin and eczema, the application of oil can be very pleasant. In addition to dry skin, there are some other uses for beauty oil.

# 7 olive oil

Let's not forget another classic in the fight against dry skin, that is, olive oil. It is interesting that the fatty acid composition in the oil is approximately equal to that of human subcutaneous fat tissue. Contains vitamin E makes skin noticeably more elastic and smooth, making it a wonderful alternative to traditional cosmetics without chemicals. Of course, creams for the skin can be made with olive oil just miracles of moisture.

There is a huge amount of cream, tincture and dry skin oil on the pharmacy shelves. But nature has several treasures it can offer. Are there other home remedies that helped you fight dry skin? Share your tips with us in the comments!