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Ticker for the final Altmark Strom Cupa

On the post SV Stendal finals will be played for the Altmark Strom Cup.


Red & White Arneburg – Medicine Uchtspringe 3: 1 (0: 0)

Goals: 1: 0 Bünnig (23.), 1: 1 Brinkmann (25th, FE), 2: 1 Runge (42th, own goal), 3: 1 Becker (68th)

Uchtspringe: Meinert – Bonatz, Adam, Runge, Stoppa, Lemke, Scheel, Lilge (59th Stachelski), Brinkmann, Stoppa, Klukas

Arneburg: Boy – Kiefel, Becker, Maier, Huchthausen (46th Pawellek), Nix, Bünnig, Müller, Hellmig (58th Riehn), Winkelmann, Bensberg

Special Events: Yellow-Red Card for Michaela Adama (94th)

Stendal l We're reporting from the Altmark Stream Cupa between 16:30 and 16:00 between Red-White Arneburg and SV Medicine Uchtspringe. That's 3: 1.

90 + 2: Wichmann comes to Mayer for the game.

90 minutes: Five minutes of added time is displayed.

85 minutes: Another five minutes left. Will Uchte still manage the miracle here?

84 minutes: Pawellek sees the yellow card.

80 minutes: Uchtspringe tries to score a goal so far without success.

78 minutes: It seems like Brinkmann's free kick was well placed off the post.

76 minutes: The Arneburger Annex celebrates while Uchte receives the following warning. Brinkmann sees the life of the carton.

70 minutes: Arneburg Keeper Boy with a glittering effect.

68 minutes: Brinkmann with a 2: 3 tie, but Arneburg can clear the ball in front of the line.

69 minutes: Change from both sides. Lilge leaves Stachel's right wing while Riehn replaces Jonas Hellmig on the RWA side.

66 minutes: Is this a preliminary decision? The long medication spree Uchtspringe broke and made a return to Mark Beck, who scored 3-1.

63 minutes: Uchtspringe remains unhappy in his own actions. The Manuel Stoppa strike is far above the goal.

60 minutes: The game is likely to remain between the penalty area after 15 minutes in the second half.

55 minutes: Arneburg remains the leader and after a break.

46 minutes: The second half begins with Michael Müller. Arneburg needs to change for injury because Huchthausen could no longer play with suspicion of fracture of his nose. He replaced Mr Pawelle.

Half time at Stendal.

45 minutes: Markus Becker misses the goal with a close-up.

40 minutes: Arneburg deserves to take the lead. After a long shot by Michael Winkelmanna, Uchte actor Michael Runge comes unhappy on the ball, which hits his goal.

34 minutes: Arneburg is a better team but can not efficiently use stake in the game.

29 minutes: Again, standard creates danger. Christian Nix to the cross.

27 minutes: Free kick for Arneburg! Uchte-Keeper has problems that are not dangerous

25 minutes: Penalty compensation! Brinkmann introduces Uchte to play 1: 1.

23 minutes: Arneburg leads the final. Bunning was set up following the cross from the left and ended up standing up to 1-0.

20 minutes: The game is still hacking at the most interesting points. Arneburg looks better in the structure of the game.

8. minutes: When danger occurs, often in standard situations.

4. minutes: Luck for a real jump! The hand plays Roppin Stoppa in the penalty area. Judge Müller has differently assessed the situation.

16:15 The start was held.