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Turn off the light immediately

The summer has come back, you do not believe it. Tempus fugit. The Summer Solstice and the Day of St. Ivana. The nights are getting longer, the lady's grass grows, the currants are ready for harvest and the insects of St. John, fireflies, wandering through the darkness. On half intact areas, they wander through the night in charming huts. A fascinating spectacle that must not be missed. Outside, out with you! Magic soon disappeared. By the middle of July, flying, green shiny beetles.

For the larvae of firefighters, it takes two to three years to buy and become a beetle within a week. Before that, they like to eat our hated enemy in the garden, snail. But now it's all fast. Men fly, send light signals, and seek bright women. When the eggs are laid, the fireworks are gone.

This year, Switzerland declared the fire of the animal of the year. There are around 2000 species around the world, but the destruction of their habitat greatly increases the number of large and small fireflies, as well as the short wing. Forest edges, dense meadows and shrubs are their habitat. Pesticides, super-landscaped gardens, but above all the dust of all night, is their fall.

Immediately turn off garden exposure! Light especially hampers male insects, larvae and all other nightlife. He throws all the chemicals, pesticides like artificial manure into a special waste container. Fertilize with compost, leave several square meters of flower meadows. Take your kids by the hand and walk with them through the warm nights with glowworm. Only what you know, will love and protect you.

("Die Presse", printed edition, June 23, 2019)