With coconut meals you need to lose at least 5 pounds in 3 weeks 2

With coconut meals you need to lose at least 5 pounds in 3 weeks

For some, this is a super-food par excellence, another cautious coconut oil: because of many saturated fatty acids, it's not just unhealthy but even dangerous to the body. Controversial as the theme itself is so called. Coconut Diet, with which to lose at least five pounds in three weeks.

What is a Coconut Diet?

The diet is based on the approach that coconut oil acts as a boost to metabolism. So if you eat well, eat less carbohydrates and consume two to three tablespoons of pure coconut oil daily, burn more calories and lose weight. Like many other concepts, the coconut diet is divided into four phases.

So does a coconut diet

Stage 1 – kickstart

For the first 21 days you eat only vegetables and skinny slices, such as chicken, fish, eggs or tofu. Fruits, cereals and sugar are not allowed. This should stabilize the level of blood sugar. There are three main meals and two snacks a day. In addition, take 2 to 3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily and preferably 15 minutes of sport daily. According to the author of the book, "Coconut's Diet" should already break in the first three weeks, at least five kilograms.

Stage 2 – Cleaning

In the second stage, a healthy, even reduced diet is supplemented by so-called "cleaning drinks", which consists of vegetables and other fiber sources. Coconut oil can be added to these drinks. In this way it stimulates intestinal activity and expels additional toxins from the body.

Phase 3 – Normalization

At this stage, nutrition reintegrates cereal and starch products such as potatoes. Many fruits and dairy products are now allowed.

Stage 4 – Weight Stabilization

In the first stage you should lose at least 5 pounds and then one more week. Those who have reached the desired weight end up with a fourth-stage coconut diet. With a few exceptions, all foods are again allowed, sugar and alcohol are still taboos for now.

Our conclusion about coconut nutrition

Those who eat for a long time exclusively vegetables and healthy fibers, and empty carbohydrates, sugar and alcohol are omitted – in addition, every day makes a little exercise – who is diminishing. But in this case, the kilograms drop, if you do so without the daily amount of coconut oil. Does this fat actually play such an important role in metabolism, as the authors claim, is actually controversial and scientifically not yet proven.