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After climate change in FDP: All sides clash at Freisinn – Green headed …

Delegates bring the free spirit to the climate a friendly way. Political competition immediately opposed – with criticism, Häme, ridiculing. And the places in their own things. The 2019 campaign enters the hot phase.

Othmar von Matt

Regula Rytz (green) can not help Regula Gössi (FDP) Klimawende. (Picture: KEY)

Regula Rytz (green) can not help Regula Gössi (FDP) Klimawende. (Picture: KEY)

The discussion of nearly 400 FDP delegates in Zurich-Altstetten lasted almost six hours. After that, President Petros Gossi won. The new climate document was approved with 190 votes in favor and only 19 against.

Paper has everything. It goes far beyond the originally planned. Delegates have called for a ban on clean electric heaters, diesel and gas taxes, and stronger pace in fighting pesticides.

Above all, however, delegates wanted to refund the plane's tax on the program, which was temporarily removed from the position document. At the same time, they demanded that Switzerland reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

The fact that delegates adopted a much greener paper than even suggested by President Gossi causes much criticism, ridicule and malice in other parties. The election campaign obviously enters the hot phase.

Green video

Predominantly Greenpeople are marking attacks on the FDP. They even publish a video specially produced for climate-Freisinn. It shows how FDPler in his suit hangs on hangers of green (and not typically liberal blue) jersey. FDM politicians such as Beat Walti, National Advisor Regine Sauter and National Advisor Hans-Ulrich Bigler, also director of the Swiss Trade Association (SGB).

"Green cloak does not help the environment," says video. And on Twitter Green says: "So the green FDP mantle will not be lower again after the election: choose the green original."

Green are those who see themselves as a real climate and an environmental party. Ecorating Ecorating, an association of four major ecological organizations, Greenpeace, Pro Natura, VCS and WWF, is also testified. The rating shows that the FDP in the National Council in 2018 was only 24.9 percent ecologically acceptable, green, however, at 99.6 percent.

Green President Regula Rytz linked the tweet with the FDP. "To" reposition "the FDP in environmental matters: In the end, do not count nice words, in the end it counts only the work," she wrote on Twitter.

Regul Rytz is clear: the next test will be coming soon "for the severity of FDP climate change". Then, when the State Council is discussing pesticide initiatives. "Does the FDP in the Council want the state to counteract the two pesticide initiatives?" Rytz rhetorically ponders on Twitter. – Or she does not want to. In the National Council, the FDP group has prevented an indirect counter-argument. For tactical reasons, as he pointed out.

But the representatives of the CVP, SP and SVP mock at free climatic efforts in the election year. "The FDP is now discussing the document on the environment. Cheap opportunism in the election year is really hard, "CVP's ​​National Council and Environmental Policy Committee Stefan Müller-Altermatt wrote on Twitter. "However, the document on civic position on environmental protection has already been adopted by CVP 2013 (!)."

While the FDP "down to Altstetten" continues to "crawl around the ecological position," Müller-Altermatt continued, made the CVP Canton of Zurich with the candidate of the National Council Yvonne Bürgin in Uetliberg's conference head nails. "We are already doing it, linking energy, climate and transport policy to all federal levels."

SP's national advisor Jacqueline Badran indirectly brought Greta Thunberg into play. "Should we now rename Petra Gossi to Greta Pössi?", He questioned dirt on Twitter. Given the fact that the FDP base clearly supports climate change in Gossi, as NZZ wrote. And Gossi so Thunberg was FDP.

The SVP also used the Zurich-Altstetten decision for the campaign in its own right. "The FDP wants an air ticket tax," wrote Thomas Aeschi on Twitter, and concluded, "Only those who vote for SVP in the fall will really get bourgeois politics."

FDP: "On the Right Way"

When liberalism has come, criticism, mischief and ridicule are allowed to pass through it. "Aggressiveness and content void of cookie grunts from Grünen, SVP, SP and CVP at our delegation assembly shows, first of all," Matthias Leitner, head of the party's organization on Twitter, contended, "that we are on the right track with our direction environmental policy. "

Meanwhile, however, it became known that FDP National Christian Falls was lagging behind at the end of the year as Vice President of the FDP.

"After seven years, I saw it and want to follow our 8-year limit," he told the Na Na Newspaper. Wasserfallen is considered to be the hardest critic of the new FDP's climate course. The decision "is not directly linked to new climatic positions," he stressed.