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Competition of blasphemes about Larissa Marolts Leo look

Austrian model and actress Larissa Marolt had to accept bitter disappointment Sunday night – she could not convince VOX "Shopping Queen" despite the sexy looks of big cats.

"Go Wild, show what animal prints I can do this season" was the motto of yesterday's play. That would actually be for a former jungle marathist.

However, Larissa looked pretty coincidentally before her commercial marathon and said, "Now is the question, what can it be, from snakes to leopards or spiders?" In Klagenfurt, the model went shopping with friend Melanie Wiegmann. The Larissa Award was a leopard coat, a short lacquered skirt and a warm lace underneath.

Kretschmer, who followed the shopping on the Monitor, was sure: "If she is good, that could be a winning look."

Choreographer Cale Kalay, who also fought for a crown crown, did not immediately hesitate and criticize. "My hair seems somewhat costumed, the real stones do not work with hair," he said. Makeup and Leo jackets did not match the dancer.

Candidate Guido Maria Kretschmer has yet to meet third place.