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DeAnne Laube

Eat types: adventure in wild foods and edible plants

At this seminar you will learn to feed wild animals and eat weeds while studying their many uses. Learn how wild plants give us information about our environment by giving us an advantage that we need to adapt to it. Weeds are the most nutritious sources of high density. DeAnn will share how to search, find and permanently collect its 5 favorite healing plants found almost everywhere. You will find that our natural environment provides us with an abundant buffet – Bon Appetit!

Leading instructor of NTA

DeAnn Laube is a certified nutritionist practitioner, a licensed massage practitioner, a Bowenwork practitioner and a chef of natural foods. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition at Bastyr University, and she owns Vibrant Health Nutrition and Bowenwork, a private practice in Seattle, Washington. In its practice, DeAnn uses a combination of therapeutic nutritional support, herbal remedies, bodywork and holistic cooking courses to help clients recover their health from the inside out. As a herbalist and passionate wild food, DeAnn has extensive knowledge of plants, herbs and nutrients. It includes this passion and knowledge in their private practice as well as in their teaching. DeAnn takes a holistic approach to eating and believes that food is really our best medicine. It is daily reminded of how important it is to nourish the body, mind and spirit with real, whole foods. DeAnn believes that food can be healing, while being a wonderful source of joy, pleasure and community. Nutrition plays a transforming role by enabling it to live more healthy and healthy, and it is passionate about empowering future generations of NFPs to find real health and transformative nutrition.