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Forget about self-tanner: These capsules naturally become brown faster

Yes, we know that sun exposure is not good for our skin and speeds up life. Pure brown, but we still want to be all right, right? Finally, you can easily see the summer tune healthier, smoother and even slimmer and many summer clothes are much better on brown skin.

But we live in Germany and the natural tune is with us for 20 sunny days of the year. At least many of us. To help, many women run into the solarium (which is unbelievably unhealthy and does not give a pleasant ten!) Or resort to sunbathing. However, usually both variants can not provide the desired effect.

Maxmedix capsules for tanning

However, we discovered something new and enthusiastic: Sunglow Maxmedix capsules for tanning Help our skin in a very natural way from the inside when sunbathing, How is that?

Sunglow capsules contain substances that support the natural abilities of the sunblock and act as a sunburn enhancer need. Natural ingredients, such as lutein, copper and grape seed extract, provide faster skin plate when sunburns. And all this without risk of becoming orange! Vitamin E provides added skin protection. Of course you have to use sunscreen!

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What's in Sunglow Capsules?

If you want to increase your natural skin color, you must support melanin production in your body. For this, the tyrosine substance contained in the capsules is important because it is involved in melanogenesis, melanin production process. The copper compound is beneficial because it contributes to normal pigmentation of the skin as well as the maintenance of normal connective tissue.

In addition, Sunglow capsules contain lutein, a carotenoid-derived vitamin that supports natural skin tolerance to the sun.

Since the skin inside must be protected at least as well as on the outside (sunscreen !!!), polyphenols are also obtained from grape seeds and are also associated with excessive exposure to sunlight. In addition, Vitamin E is found in capsules that protect skin cells from oxidative stress.

How to take capsules:

Two times a day, two tablets should be taken with a full glass of water before eating. You can decide which meal you want to take (very easily swallow) the capsules. However, it is recommended to take tablets every day before the same meal.

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