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From the tobacco factory to the health center

In the former tobacco factory Fürstenfeld, health and health care are now very important.

As "symbolic prevention" could be called the fact that a new health center in Fürstenfeld in a former tobacco factory is located, "the Health Council said Christopher Drexler with mild migration at the official opening.
Significant re-use of real estate in the area of ​​1.5 hectares was preceded by a long history. The grand opening ceremony of the "Thermenland Health Center" has successfully completed one of the largest reconstruction and revitalization projects in the city.
Eight million euros was the investment amount with which the former Austrian bank was re-launched in the "Schloss am Stein" by the Fürstenfeld municipality with the support of the Styria province.

History of the Fürstenfelder building written

On an area of ​​1,800 square meters, a modern medical center is located on the ground floor offering comprehensive medical and health care with eight medical specialists and medical service providers. The two former factory complexes are tailored to 80 modern suites. 42 of them have already been completed.
"We are delighted that this historic building jewel Fürstenfeld was completely restored, adapted and revitalized," the mayor said. Franz JostIn particular, he thanked the mayor Dr. Sc. Werner Gutzwarwho started all the revolutions in his mandate, primarily the "Convalo" investment group with the architect Fürstenfeld Fritz Ohnewein, under which "the work of the history of the Fürstenfelder building" was written in a professional direction.

Offer health care

Apart from practitioners, specialists in radiology, urology, neurology, gynecology, ENT, internal medicine and pulmonary medicine have moved into the accommodation. The wide range is rounded off by psychotherapy and physiotherapy, pedicure, cosmetics and massage as well as the Medactustik hearing aids. At a baker's workshop, visitors to the Thermenland Health Center also remain healthy in the culinary sense. According to Drexler, investments and subsidies in this medical center are well designed.
Numerous guests, including the captain Max Wiesenhofer. Hubert Lang and the Speaker of Parliament and others. Franz Majcen they did not want to travel through the newly renovated premises of the Health Center. pastor Alois Schlemmer and the curator Aribert Wendzel he took the ecumenical blessing.

Celebrated opening ceremony: the medical and health center of the new health center Thermenland in the revitalized "Schloss am Stein" in Fürstenfeld.
In the presence of many honorary guests, a new health center is officially opened in the former Fürstenfeld tobacco factory.