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Helene Fischer: Zla is released! She is now alone

Schlager Queen Helena Fischer looks like a close relative …

Helene Fischer: Ice cold thrown
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Helene Fischer: Zla is released! She is now alone 2

These women combined more than their passion for music: Helene Fischer (34) even mentioned accompanying singer Maria Voskania (31) as a close commissar. But this is now close to the former girl of Thomas Seitela (34) …

From the surprising separation of Florian Silberreis (37) in December, so much happened in Helena: With his new friend Thomas floating on the ninth cloud. It seems that the two would even move to Helen's luxurious villa at Ammersee. How nice to talk about such events with your friends. But on the front of friendship, it looks like a star hit star: for not only her colleague, Vanessa Mai, recently filmed the Instagram video that on the side of Tom's former girlfriend Anelie Janet Pol of the year Florian was surprised by the love news of her fiancé Thomas Evil.

Should Helene Fischer ask for a new girlfriend?

Helenina's former accompanying vocalist Marija was also well acquainted with make-up artists. In Instagram's photograph, she laughs in the cell phone camera, Anelia poses with a kiss near her. In the second picture, Maria proudly presents her make-up and links the profile of social media with red. Side by side Heleni because she does not like how the entire decay ended?

Helene Fischer

Helene Fischer: Baby! Hiding here now!

"She does not differ much in her private life than on the stage, and Helene is, as she is, a very kind person." "I really appreciate and still am very grateful for everything she has done for me," she told her earlier. she found only the dirty words for her soulmate. "She is so good inside, and she is not coming back and she's just a great person. We are friends, we went to vacation and are the real click of the girl, "the star is excited. However, Maria seems to have changed the clique now.