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How a Piper can stop the aging process


  • Author: Sybille Müller
  • updated: 24.06.2019
How a Piper can stop the aging process

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Nar is not without a symbol of beauty and eternal life. Now, for the first time, human studies have proved this and why wonderful fruit can beat the years.


Nar – Ancient Medicine

Nar is native to India and Iran. It is one of the first fruits ever to be grown. When a plum came to Europe, people were instantly fascinated by its perfect shape and its special aroma. He easily entered the kitchen and mythology.

But rope is also an ancient medicine that for thousands of years was a symbol of beauty and eternal life. In Indian Ayurvedic medicine, pumice is still an integral part of numerous formulations and is often used for anti-inflammatory effects, for example in diarrhea, sores, gum problems, but also in hypertension.

Why is the pumpkin healthy?

With regard to the content of vitamins and minerals, pomegranate is not a miracle of nature. But the fruit is very rich in phytochemicals. This particularly includes ellagitans, which are contained in edible seeds at a particularly high concentration.

Various studies (3) have shown that ellagitans act against inflammation and free radicals, protect against dementia and serve the prevention of contagious diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Research findings often coincide with the use of nars in traditional medicine.

Nar stops the aging process

Swiss researchers published a revolutionary study in 2019 (1). Because they first proved to humans that the propolis acts against the aging process. For that it is the responsible substance of Urolithin A. Unlike the often mentioned, this is not in the narcotics itself and in any other food. Since urolithin A forms intestinal bacteria from elagitanin.

Study (2) included 60 older volunteers divided into four groups. They got 250, 500 or 1000 milligrams of urolithin A or placebo per day for 28 days. Side effects did not occur. Researchers then discovered that urolithin A induced mitochondrial growth.

Mitochondria are tiny organelles within the body cells that give us life energy. They become less active as they become older, leading to age-typical energy and weakness. But Urolithin A can reactivate mitochondria. As a result, for example, age-related muscle weakness may improve.

A cup of noodles a day makes wonders

It is already a feverish cure for the active ingredient of urolithine A in the market. Of course, you can regularly eat a pumpkin or drink your juice. Because the wonderful fruit of the body finally gives elagitan, and thus the starting substance for urolithin A.

Many studies (4) have already shown that the rocket and juices and extracts produced from it have a very high medical potential as well as anti-aging effect. Therefore, it is by no means necessary to resort to one active substance.

Siphon also offers a decisive advantage over the composition with urolithine A. Because here interaction of various ingredients is interfered, which complement each other and enhance one another in its effect (4).

According to the research presented in the article above, the pumpkin is very good for high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, and sarcoidosis if you drink a large glass of juice (330 ml) a day – ideally divided into two parts.

If you come in the media to the message that the rod seeds are lethal, you will find here a background: the seeds of nara should be lethal

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