Rihanna shows the bloody dolls at Fenty-Store - with a clear message 2

Rihanna shows the bloody dolls at Fenty-Store – with a clear message

Rihanna seriously thinks of bodily positivity: First she launched 40 make-up creams for every skin color with Fenty Beauty, and so delighted customers around the world. Then she introduced a line of laundry that is also available in too large quantities. She recently showed a model whose scars on her face did not retouch. Now a singer and designer with their dolls in Fentyu have another sign.

June 18, 2019 Rihanna presented another piece of her new Fenty collection at her Fenty pop-up store in New York – and she decided to show off clothes on non-sizes 34 or 36. Plus size would probably be the wrong word because: You have a little more cheeky breasts, a little more hip and stomach than usual dolls. Compared to the usual mannequins they look like normal women.

Rihanna gives a statement about dolls

"These dolls are actually just standard size so they come from the factory, they are only in this embodiment, but I want to see how the clothes look on my body, I want it on a curvy little girl with her thighs and hips and hips," said Rihanna at the opening of a pop-up store opposite "E!" "I take this into account because I want women to feel safe in my stuff," the singer continued.

Rihanna praises the Fenty-Store

While Rihanna was praised in the commentary below Instagram posts for her stimulus for bodily positivity, the other label had recently faced criticisms of that topic. As the first sports brand, Nike has also put Plus Size dolls in her store – the journalist has criticized it as an unhealthy way of life and illness. But they immediately opposed the users and described their own stories.

However, Rihanna should not influence such criticism – it undermines her strategy. With success: 40 make-up shades have already caused a number of cosmetic companies to enter the train and bring to market a much larger product range for all skin tones. Now that Fenty and Nike have filed, we hope that many other brands will follow their trend-setting steps and will now reconsider the standard size of the doll.