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Bavaria Beach Bazis joins the confidence of the soccer league on the beach.

The game was not two or two seconds, when the Oerschleissheim Olympic Games regained the complexity of the beach for the first time. Responsible for this was the flawless peasant Ricky Goller. The 28-year-old was in the air, swirling sand grains, giving her aesthetic action even more. Goller quietly landed in the sand, but he had to noticed, despite his superior stance that his acrobatic kick was blocked.

Some lateral and backward strikes were found on Saturday but are still on the way to the finish line. Bavaria Beach Bazis won the Bavarian Beach Soccera derby against Beach Boy from Waldkraiburg 8: 1 and was so firmly grounded in the Bundesliga group. "Today's all done well together," said Goller, who scored a hit to win. "We were superior in the athletic and technical field, and we kept on the balls, and then the goals came on our own." On Sunday, Munich beat Wuppertal SV after 6-2. The table is now equal to six wins and only one defeat among the first three. The big goal – to qualify for the Final Four tournament in Warnemünde – is at your fingertips.

Two years ago, Bazis Beach was already in Warnemünde for the first time in history. Since then many things have happened – both in the association (since 2018 the Bundesliga football on the sand under the DFB), as well as in Munich. Head of the Goller Division, who until 2017 acted as a player-trainer, can now focus on sand entirely in games, as Beach Bazis has found the chief coach at Marc Lamberger. This is also supported by athlete Michael Rubin, whose work is doing well. "Specific athletic training is a great advantage for us," said Goller, "we are physically very strong." In March, preparations for the season began due to the temperature in neoprene socks. Since April, intensive training has been conducted several times a week.

Beach football is about keeping the ball in the air as it is more and more controlled. This is the best way to overcome the insecurity of the sandy underground. Ideally, the ball comes through the air to the opposite goal, where the result is made by throwing the back. Bazis Beach on Saturday has shown it not only looks spectacular but also effective.

First two goals by Julian Franz and Philippa Fussa fell backward, Franz 3: 0. In the second of every twelve minutes, the third took Munich from 1: 0 to 5: 0 and decided early on the game. Goller talked about one of his team's strongest seasonal appearances, but also pointed out that opponents from Waldkraiburg, who also lost their sixth game of the season, had "a very bad day" and found nothing. Beach pools are different: they are also convinced in the area that is perhaps more important than sand on the grass: standards. Free kicks are performed without a wall and – depending on the position – dangerous weapon. Munich made this derby three times, Sebastian Sommer twice, one of the international Franz, who finished his hat-trick. "Standard variants are a major factor," Goller explained.

For Bazis beach, she will continue next weekend, then in the far north: Real Munster and Ibbenbürener SC meet in Hamburg. Both opponents are like Munich in the first six groups, of which four national teams are likely to emerge. "Two shooting games," Goller said, "these are absolutely crucial weeks." Weekly bases took over the domestic plant at Oberschleißheimer Regattastrecke a neat self-esteem.