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The Effect of Green Tea: Divine versatile?

The Effect of Green Tea: Ingredients

  • nutrients: Green Tea contains many micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are beneficial to your teeth, eyes and generally your metabolism. Nutrients are best used if you eat leaves after infusions.
  • amino acids: Amino acids are an integral part of the protein and fulfill many important functions in the body.
  • caffeine: Those who drink coffee know that caffeine has a stimulating effect. Caffeine in green tea, however, has more sedative effect than coffee due to amino acid L-teanine.
  • polyphenols: Polyphenols are bitter substances that are among the phytochemicals.
  • antioxidants: Green Tea contains many antioxidants. These are chemical compounds that protect us from the so-called free radicals in the body and, according to research, also prevent diseases such as cancer or rheumatism.

The influence of green tea: the difference in relation to black tea

Green tea is ultimately only one The black tea party, Both are caused by the tea plant Camellia sinsensis, Unlike green tea, which only warms up, black tea passes through the process of fermentation. This gives the tea a dark color.

Contains a shorter process Green tea has more nutrients Varieties are better tolerated than most and better for health.

Effect of Green Tea: 5 Practical Effects

  1. Immune system: Since green tea contains so many vitamins (C, E) and especially zinc, it can protect you from colds. Overall, green tea has an antibacterial effect and prevents caries due to the proportion of flor.
  2. Health: Antioxidants, especially flavonoids, are used to capture free radicals in the body, which positively affects the prevention of cancer-like diseases.
  3. Blood pressure and cholesterol: Many people suffer from high blood pressure. Two to three cups of tea can lower blood pressure. Green tea should also be responsible for lowering bad LDL cholesterol by inhibition of fat intake.
  4. Against aging: Green tea does not only mean health but also beauty. Meanwhile, it is used in many cosmetic products. As an extract can improve skin appearance and improve cell renewal. You can also pour cold green tea over your hair, as it gives a special glow.
  5. relaxation: Amino acid L-tean gives green tea a decisive advantage over coffee. This is because it reduces stress and works well for your relaxation. Amino acid also suppresses caffeine contained in green tea, so it still warns you, but it stays at the same time.

The Effect of Green Tea: What Varieties Are There?

Green tea is mainly from Asia. From China or Japan to Taiwan – The choice is huge. The variety does not say anything about the quality and the effect of tea. It just gives you an idea of ​​the scent.

  • Gun Pistol (China): flower plants
  • Olong (Taiwan): Mild aromatic (peach)
  • Sencha (Japan): Herb-sweet

Among the most popular concerns are Matcha, Shincha, Sencha or bancha. jasmine tea Particularly pleasant taste of green tea. It is best to test different types until you find the right beverage.

Influence of Green Tea: Good for Weight Loss?

Many people swear to weight loss on green tea. With right? The green tea itself will not help you unless you stop eating at the same time … but it can be used as a dietary supplement. As a low calorie drink, it is good for drinking with water and its positive effects on metabolism and the immune system, at least not on the road to burning fat.

The Effect of Green Tea: 2 Important Tips

  • Proper preparation: Green tea needs to be cooked with hot water of 60 to 90 degrees, otherwise there is a risk that the taste is too bitter. Then let him retreat for about 90 seconds. Take about 4 teaspoons of bulk tea per liter of water. However, the dosage may vary from one species to another.
  • Iron deficiency: Green tea can reduce iron intake by research. It is because of the tannin content that binds the iron. It is therefore advisable not to eat iron foods directly with green tea.

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