The face of the face is an unusual trick of beauty for clean skin 2

The face of the face is an unusual trick of beauty for clean skin

One person loves Kate Moss so much, because she does not always preach the same phrases as her younger colleagues when it comes to beauty tips. Neither the 45-year-old is talking about a strict waiver of sugar, still detoxifying juices or ten hours of sleep.

Still, Kate Moss looks fresh and firm – thanks to ice cubes: drop her face in a pool full of water, ice cubes and cucumbers in the morning. Cold shock reduces swelling, reduces pore microscopy, and the skin provides fresh, fresh blood supply. Even beauty gurus such as Lise Eldridge or Renée Rouleau recommend such things Face to face, We looked up three ice treatments.

Ice Facial: 3 treatments for clean skin

For modeled cheekbones

High, pronounced cheeks are a common beauty, but unfortunately they are the least blessed of nature. According to the star facijalu Oleu Henriksen you can with a Ice faces trick. To do this, fill the bowl with one third of milk and ice cubes, dip the cloth in the bowl and put it on the face. Milk contains a lot of Vitamin A for cell renewal, while lactic acid lubricates the skin and makes it beautiful and even. Even more effective for modeling chewing gum: let milk and water freeze on ice cubes directly in the fridge and spread to the upper cheek area for five minutes.

2. SOS Trick against Pimples

Also against pimples can one Ice faces rank. Chocolate chips have proven their value: while cold decreases swelling, chamomile naturally has an antibacterial effect, allowing small inflammation to disappear. Alternatively, you can add aspirin with water to the ice cube mold and let it freeze – its ingredient acetylsalicylic acid has the effect of disinfection and drying. However, those who are prone to redheads and rosacea should be careful: cold and heat irritation causes redness to spread the upper veins on the skin. In this case, the appearance of the skin appears worse.

3. Led against dark circles and wrinkled eyes

Face to face Additionally, you can quickly wake up tired and swollen eyes in the morning: Simply wrap the ice cube (best in combination with coffee or green tea as an additional boost of freshness) with a cloth and push it under the eye with circular movements. It pushes the bloodstream and reduces swelling in the eye.