The lover of plastic surgery hopes to get the biggest breasts in the world …

Capricorn Martina Big reveals she wants to have the largest breasts in the world and does not stop until she fills every 20 lb breast

The lover of sunburn searches for the world's largest breasts.

26-year-old Martina Big wants to give 20 liters of fillers on her chest.

If successful, it will replace the current world recorder from the first place.

Martina Big from Germany has spent over £ 50,000 in plastic surgery over the years.

She wants her S Cup breast, which is believed to be among the largest in Europe, become even bigger.

The plastic surgery surgeon discovered that he had already filled his breasts at 5,400 cc per side.

And in the coming months, she hopes to gradually improve her share until she reaches 20,000 cc.

It is dangerous to raise their breasts at these proportions – but TV stations insist on doing so gradually.

Martina told the Sun: "You have to do it step by step to see how your body and skin react over time.

"But it's not dangerous if it's done properly and my doctor controls it well."

If the procedure is in accordance with the plan, a girl who loves silicon will surpass the current Guinness World Recorder by a significant amount.

He hopes that her breasts will be twice as big as those in Florida's Maxi Mounds, whose 42h breast lift, the largest in the world.

Martina added: "I'm very thin but I have big breasts – for Guinness World Records, they make the difference between the underbust and overbust gurda, and I need another four inches to beat them."

It's not the first time that Martin's cosmetics work out titles.

Earlier the tanning addict went to This Morning to tell the audience that he had changed his race.

Although white was born, melatonin injections were regularly performed on television to darken her skin.

Together with Holly Willoughby and guest host John Barrowman, she talked about her "crossing" with her husband.

Speaking to Holly and John, Martina said, "I like my natural blue beauty, but it's like guys get a new car …

"First I wanted summer heat, but this drug told us that it could protect and tame skin from the sun, but at that time we did not know it would be so extreme, but it was really, very, very well."

Not surprisingly, those comments are not well received by ITV viewers.

The lover of this morning said, "She has not become a black man.

"She has not changed her race, she is still a white woman who has tinkered her skin."

The other said, "Dear God, now the woman who took the syringes to become black.

"The world is crazy."