Without make-up: With these 4 beauties, you can work without the foundation in the summer 2

Without make-up: With these 4 beauties, you can work without the foundation in the summer

In the confusing heat we can happily without Foundation and Co. because too much makeup can feel rather embarrassing at 30 degrees in the shade. Stupid only if the skin is not flat on the chocolate side and is uncomfortable with pimples, greasy shine or dryness and wrinkles. Good news: There are no make-up tricks that make your face look great even without foundation.

1. No make-up trick on dry skin and wrinkles

The basis for the bright summer is well moisturized, firm skin. Important: For old skin cells must go. This, for example, acts by the enzyme peeling that softly dries up the framing. After that, the skin can better absorb moisturizing products. In the summer, it is often a sufficient moisturizing serum, for example with hyaluronic acid. Soak well and then apply light moisturizing cream with high UV protection. Wets off leaving no greasy shine. If the skin is dry and tense, the face spray will turn off thirst. Keep an extra blow into the fridge!

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2. No make-up for skin gloss and large pores

Is your bacon summer shining in your face after a short time? Then you need to look for facial care that refines and matures, which regulates the flow of sebum and accumulates pores. In particularly fatty areas, such as your forehead and nose, you can also apply the so-called. Blur Stick. It is not only a mat, but also acts as a softening agent that makes the expanded pores invisible. Moving on the move: absorbing paper that recalls excess skin fat. Just apply it over the skin and it is an uncomfortably brilliant passage.

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3. No makeup trick in the absence of shine

Does your skin look dull and shine without makeup? You can pour more freshness into your face using Glow Primer, which is currently radiating and blocking wrinkles. It does not have to be used with make-up, but it can also be applied only after hydration. Divide it all over your face or clean it only where the skin looks tired. In addition, on your cheeks or powder with bronze drug, you can rub cream on the cheeks, nose and chin, and along the lines of hair. Your skin will feel refreshed after two weeks of summer vacation.

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4. A non-make-up trick with pimples and pigment stains

You do not have to hide stains and redness in the summer under a thick layer of makeup. It also works with little toned creams. Trick for natural effect: Wear it only where it is needed to cover it and cover it with your fingers in the skin. You can wipe out the excess with a clean makeup sponge or brush. To make attractive pimples and pigment spots invisible, do the following: Apply a concealed crown in the tone of your skin with a very fine brush on the pimple and touch it with a clean finger until the edges are no longer visible.

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