Work in a hot week: Drink a lot, start early 2

Work in a hot week: Drink a lot, start early

A woman drinks mineral water in the sun. Photo: Oliver Berg / Archives

(Photo: Oliver Berg / dpa)

Even without a hot wave, some jobs become very hot: in the steel industry, for example. But road workers in the coming days have to adapt to the heat and the sun too.

Duisburg / Gelsenkirchen (dpa / lnw) – When is hot even warmer: How do steel mills in highs and rollers deal with announced heat waves? "Our employees are aware that they drink a lot and do not endanger themselves," says spokeswoman Thyssenkrupp Steel, Germany's largest steel producer, in Duisburg. Employees have been given advice on how to customize their work methods, eating habits, and other temperature behaviors as needed.

Particular attention is paid to so-called hot works, ie working areas, which are not air-conditioned and in which even in normal conditions high temperatures are normal. "We provide additional mineral water and possible fruit." Customer Overview is automatically translated from German. For problems with the circulation or the like, doctors of the company worried about the employees.

Road workers will also harass high temperatures and hot sun, for example in the State Road Construction Company. "We have a special sunscreen for outdoor work," explains spokeswoman Straßen.NRW in Gelsenkirchen. In addition to sunbathing workwear, there are a number of cover and door lock caps that employees can use. "They are not fancy now, but they make sense." Also, give her sunglasses.

In order to reduce the workload in the hottest part of the day, masters workshops can begin work two hours early on hot days. Instead of 6.45 hours, they already start at 4.45 pm – and accordingly call it the day.