Active ingredients: Why pure cosmetic products are the most important future trend for your skin 2

Active ingredients: Why pure cosmetic products are the most important future trend for your skin

The writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ("The Little Prince") has written not only one of the most famous children's books in the world, but the idea of ​​minimalism in the shortest lines: "Perfectness is achieved when you add nothing more, but leave nothing anymore."

This is the maximum relationship and the trend of beauty that will become more and more important in the future: "Pure Beauty". Top models from all over the world are delighted with the glamorous look of "no-makeup" and are naturally aware of it, without much make-up on the face. When products hit the skin, they must be the best.

According to an international study conducted by the renowned GfK Market Research Institute on behalf of the International Association for Natural and Organic Cosmetics (NATRUE), 59 percent of women already consider it "organic" when purchasing cosmetics. Expectations of consumers of natural and organic cosmetics are high.

It is focused on the basics

Whether it is a decorative or nurturing product: Cosmetics consists of several, but pure ingredients. So, humidifiers, serums or shampoos now become explicit beige Offered silicones, mineral oils, preservatives or solvents.

Because with anti-aging, many women focus on the sensitivity of their skin. They not only discard a thick layer of makeup, but also over-loaded with synthetic additives, odors or petrochemicals.

Maintain your skin, do not get tired

Many dermatologists suggest that sensitive skin, allergies or irritation due to pollution, stress and digital aging become more and more common. It is even suspected that preservatives like parabens confuse the hormonal balance because they resemble the structure of female estrogen. This is shown in the a. The European Commission and the Federal Bureau of Risk Assessment (BfR) advise against parabens.

Most natural cosmetics manufacturers have already completely eliminated parabens. Moreover, Cleane Cosmetics is transparent in terms of ingredients, hypoallergenic, vegan, non-alcoholic and suitable for all skin types. As ecological consciousness grows, contemporary cosmetic products are based on plant or almost natural active ingredients, preferably derived from sustainable production.

Among the trendmakers are German brands

Pioneers in the field of "pure beauty" include numerous German brands. For example, cosmetics of active substances from cosmetics company A4 in Munich do not contain any hormone-active chemicals or silicones, paraffins or parabens. Instead, A4 relies on natural ingredients – since the company was founded 15 years ago.

At that time Eva Steinmeyer uncovered the old books of her grandmother's recipe, which had been involved in herbal medicine and fat production in the sixties. Among other things, the granddaughter has found ingredients lists for the now legendary "avocado cream," which laid the cornerstone for the exclusive range of care products that fans and others could be sure to find their way. a. Actress Carice van Houten ("Game Throne").

Of course, thanks to avocado & Co.

Supersylvents of avocado are not known just for food. Berry is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, potassium, as well as vitamins A, D, E and K, carotenoids, biotin, folic acid and calcium. For example, carotenoids in green berry protect against UV rays, while vitamin E helps the body fight free radicals and stimulates collagen production.

What is now known is that natural beauty is no longer just a question of cosmetics tailored to the individual skin needs, but depends on a healthy lifestyle. The holistic concepts of nursing and wellness retreats are complete, which restores the body and soul to harmony. Healthy nutrition, optimized by dietary supplements, is essential.

Nutricular optimism optimizes the care routine

This approach is led by founder A4 Eva Steinmeyer with his four-pillar care concept, which includes skin care based on ecocert certified argan and avocado oil as well as yoga for the face, blog for positive inspiration and nutricosmetics.

Dreamteam for beautiful skin: collagen and ceramide

Drinking two liters of water per day is exemplary, but given the growing environmental impact it is not enough to achieve the desired youthful skin shine.

That's why Beauty Ampules A4 Impulse contains a very balanced, specially developed mix of active micronutrients. Apart from vitamin E, zinc and biotin, the combination of collagen and ceramide is particularly convincing. A true team of dreams: While bioactive collagen peptides stabilize the supporting collagen layer of the middle layer of skin, ceramines develop their beauty effect in the epidermis. Keramides keep the skin smooth, elastic and supple, giving it a special glow. For example, a scientific study of ceramides has been shown, which has received a lot of attention from dermatologists to increase skin elasticity by more than 30% with only 8 weeks of use (* 1).

(* 1) Bizot et al. 2017: Cosmetics: 4, 37

The A4 Cera Peptide Beauty Complex® combines two beauties into an effective combination. The result is a flawless, pink glitter that is based on a clean, well-oiled skin. That's why ampoules of A4 IMPULSE® investment are worth it: a 25-ml ampoule costs about € 3.20 (€ 89.95 | 12.85 € per 100 ml) – no more than green pie. breakfast.

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