Against false news in the area of ​​vaccination 2

Against false news in the area of ​​vaccination


Too much disinformation: health professionals outside the medical profession should approach their parents to vaccination.

Sandra Burri is a nurse at Bernese Salem Hospital and conducts her own practice as a pediatrician. Inoculate them every day, says Burri. Parents have many questions: "Ingredients are always a problem." So some parents believed that when the vaccine and the live were given, it would have been a long time off.

For the benefit of children

Other parents would later want to vaccinate children if the immune system is better educated. But it works well since the very beginning, Burri knows. She describes herself as an inducible doctor.

The welfare of children is at the center of their care. "It would be very bad for me if the child was seriously ill because it was not vaccinated and parents would have accused me of not having clearly told them how important the vaccine is," Burri says.

There is no mandatory vaccination in Switzerland. The decision is left to an individual – in the case of a child, ie a parent. Pediatrician Husband calls for vaccination and also mild pressure. If parents do not want to vaccinate their child, they recommend looking for another pediatrician.

Up to five percent are strict opponents of vaccination

Opponents of vaccination for ideological or religious reasons exist in each country. Their share in Switzerland is between three and five percent, estimates Daniel Koch from the Federal Institute of Public Health (FOPH). These people can not come up with arguments and information.

However, many more people are not categorical opponents of vaccination, but are just confused and critically questioning vaccination. "You have to get it with the right information, because in the area of ​​vaccination there are many false news," says Koch. Vaccination critics and skeptics should therefore be better informed and convinced of the vaccination, which is the goal of the BAG.

Better training of medical staff

Recently, a global study has shown that about 20 percent of the population in Switzerland belongs to the skeptics of the vaccine. To get them, FOPH also wants to use medical staff outside the medical profession. A new study shows that midwives, nurses, and mother and father counselors have less knowledge of vaccination than doctors.

Therefore, the federal government and the cantons want to review and adjust training plans for health workers. In addition, more training for all medical professions should be offered. Sandra Burri also confirms that more education and training is needed.

In education, knowledge about vaccination has a tendency to neglect, she is convinced. "In the studio, it's certainly too short, as in training, it does not have high priority – and it certainly is not in the care." So she is now for other pediatricians and informative courses of employees and has organized workshops on this subject.