First, restore your confidence 2

First, restore your confidence

Monday night was rejected
Yvonne Li <! –->, number one in SC
Union Lüdinghausen <! –->, at the European Games in Minsk, his first encounter with Finca Airi Mikkel (he had not yet started in the editorial timeline of this issue). What she calculates, is the form correct and how she spent the first few days in Belarus, our editorial board Florian Levenig wanted to know the best badminton badge in Germany.

They're on the spot since Friday. Tell me about your first impressions of the "Mini Olympics"?

you: Everything is a bit bigger than the international badminton championships. The canteen is huge, you meet many athletes of other sports. There is a German house and several leisure activities – mini golf for example.

Who is a better mini-golfer: Timo Boll or you?

you: Unfortunately, I have not met Tim (laughs) yet.

In addition to table tennis, badminton is one of the few discipline in which the European elite was gathered at the beginning. What is the meaning?

you: The level is already comparable to that of the continental championship. In that sense, the tournament is undoubtedly one of the tops of the year – especially since 2019, the single European Championship will not be held.

It is said that only participation is valuable – because of the many world rankings that exist in Minsk.

you: It's a little different to me. If I do not survive the group stage, the points bring me relatively little.

You are set up as a group leader, your opponents are sometimes far behind you in the international arena. Who can be dangerous for you on the road to a round of 16?

you: Hungary's Agnes Koros is the hardest to win. But underestimation is not a player.

Especially since you have been down early in Denmark and Spain – and at weaker competitors.

you: That's right. And that was the result of foot injury. I practically did not train in Madrid.

Are you still handicapped?

you: Not. Also, the first exercises in Minsk were very neat. Still, I have to regain confidence.

The first meeting is scheduled for 22 hours. It's a little late, is not it?

you: My time was not. The great difficulty somehow scattered throughout the day, but does not lose focus on competitions.