Is Coconut Diet Suitable For Weight Loss? 2

Is Coconut Diet Suitable For Weight Loss?

Coconut-based diet sounds pretty perfect: you can see cockroach milkshakes, coconut ice cream, coconut yogurt and, let's not mention, coconut chocolate. Absolutely incredible! Reality, however, looks a bit different.

This is the way the coconut diet works for losing weight

Cherie and John Calbom developed a diet of coconut, dividing it into four phases. In the first three weeks, you have to give up fruit, grain and sugar completely. You should balance your blood sugar and support weight loss. If you believe you are two, you lose in the first three weeks of five pounds.

In the second stage of diet, the diet is supplemented with cleaning drinks. This includes water mixed with olive oil and lemon juice. Ten glasses of water are regularly on a daily schedule, and the diet is supplemented with two to three teaspoons of coconut oil per day. The goal of these measures is to detoxify the body, especially organs. The second phase should be up to four weeks – if you keep the carbohydrate, bad mood and relaxation are almost guaranteed.

Those who persist so long, according to the will of Calbom authors in the third and fourth stages, in which carbohydrates allow again – in the form of vegetables with a high proportion of fiber, potatoes and cereals and fruits. The idea is that after weeks of leaving and cleaning you can consume less calories and automatically maintain a new weight.

How effective is the coconut diet?

In his book Coconut Diet, Cherie and John Calb are still concentrating on the health benefits of using pure coconut oil. However, they are also in conflict with the claim that saturated fatty acids, which are also present in the cocoon, are healthy. Numerous studies make it objectionable, unsaturated fatty acids help the body, not saturated. In this respect, coconut diet should be observed with healthy skepticism. A balanced diet adorned with one or another coconut sugar-free shake can be a healthier alternative.