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Makeup is more popular with older Japans

Colored lip balm, eyebrow pencils and other make-up products are on the list for more and more Japanese men shopping.

However, the trend is not only found in young men, but the makeup is popular with men aged 20 and older than 60.

Men in Japan who nurture skin with care products are called Biyo Danshi or Beauty Boys. But the predicament that makeup for women is growing in Japan, because men become more aware of their beauty.

Japanese cosmetics manufacturers adapt to the trend of makeup

It seems that some of the biggest Japanese cosmetic companies believe that the era of "make danshi" or "makeup" came and offer more and more makeup for man.

Acro Inc., a branch of cosmetic giant Pola Orbis, sells over 100 men's products under the brand Fiveism x Three. Including lipstick, nail colors, and foundation sticks.

However, the products are not cheap, they cost between 2.000 and 6.000 yen (around 16 and 49 euros). Four Fiveism x Three stores are already open in Osaka and Tokyo.

Popup stores in many big cities

"Since the beginning of the year, much more men are focusing on their looks and makeup to improve their looks," said Akira Gogo, President of Acro. And traffic proves that the company is right because it has tripled in April. The company plans to pop up stores in larger cities such as Nagoya and Sapporo to expand its market.

Of course, foreign companies want to be part of the market. The French fashion company Chanel launched this line of make-up called "Boy de Chanel" earlier this year. "The Foundation sells much better than expected," said the company's spokeswoman.

Shiseido Japan Co. She also responded by starting skin creams for men.

Where does the makeup come from?

"Platforms of social media give a great value to their personal appearance," says Kaori Ishid, a professor at the Women's University of Komazawa. "Even men in the thirties and the forties, who are already used to skin care, are interested in the next step, while at the same time there are more women managers in the workplace, which is also a reason to devote much attention to a nurtured look. "

Men's cosmetics have appeared in Japanese pop culture a number of times since the 1980s, for example, when the athletes were involved in their fashion repertoire. However, this usually did not go away from skin care.

More and more men in department stores cosmetics department

Some men do not wait for a cosmetics shop to appear in their town. Since last year, male buyers are more and more on the women's beauty desk at Takashima's merchandise at JR Nagoya Station. Many look to look for a "natural make-up" to make a good visual first impression when they are looking for a job or job.

Makeup for men

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