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North West: Kim Kardashian's daughter becomes a rapper!

North West: Kanye's daughter wants to become a rapper

Actually, I wanted to Northwests (6) Mom Kim Kardashian (38) that only one video to Instagram post on your own beauty line promote. But her eldest daughter north recently steals a show from her mom! The child seems to be a real entertainer. Explained in the video Kim KardashianHow she and North went along with her to the granddaughter of North Westa makeup help. In the background, you hear a six-year-old who suddenly says: "I want to become a dancer and I want to become a rapper and singer!" Here you see Kim & North in common:

North West: Wants to follow the tatina steps

As most know you, dad Northwest & Muž Kim Kardashian Kanye West. The 42-year-old is an absolute rap legend with his own music as successful as no one else rap star in this world. He also designs one of the hottest shoes: Yeezy. Now his daughter wants to follow his steps and herself musician be! It seems that this dream is fully supported by its two parents.

North West: Sing in Tatina choir

in Kim Kardashians stream InstagramThe story is proudly being recorded by the male choir (probably only for Kanye West Probe "Sunday Services") and in the midst of everything singing: North West! Kim writes: "North is officially in the congregation!" Wow – that's right north Obviously, just like her father, the voice of hammers! Kim Kardashian emphasizes that North sing along with adults, not a children's choir. He adds: "The north is even going to the test! She loves it!" It will not take much time before that Kanye West released a new album – this time maybe even his daughter together! We are already excited and we want the North a lot of success in building our own career!

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