Psychotherapeutic approach has a long-term effect on diarrhea 2

Psychotherapeutic approach has a long-term effect on diarrhea

Psychotherapeutic approach has a long-term effect on diarrhea 3

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Tbingen Special psychotherapy can help people who suffer from edema and often have excessive weight or fat. A report by doctors and scientists from the University Hospital Tbingen in a journal Psychotherapy and psychosomatics (doi: 10.1159 / 000499696). People with eating disorders that are called overeating have much less control over their eating habits. Scientists around Kathrin Schag of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of the University Hospital randomized 41 of them for verum and 39 for the control group.

In the study group, in a special psychotherapy in eight 90-minute sessions, on the one hand, self-control strengthened, and on the other hand, the participants studied the so-called "

Participants were allowed to take food and meals that would most likely cause uncontrolled eating behavior. Under psychological guidance participants were faced with the desire to eat and learn to master. This experience of controlling eating habits and experiencing how craving diminished during a group session has led to a sense of accomplishment and awareness that they can do so, the authors of the study report.
The control group did not take part in a special group program, but received standard therapy.

Evaluation showed that both groups could reduce their Essanflle and other Essstrungssymptomes but these effects continued in the treated group for more than three months and continued to strengthen while the control group returned to its original level. Researchers suspect that preliminary improvements in the control group, among other things, are the consequence of the usual completion of self-monitoring protocols.

This classic therapeutic instrument of behavior leads to increased self-esteem, which, however, rapidly decreases after the time of treatment.
The research results give hope that they have found an important therapeutic component in the treatment of eating disorders and obesity, the authors claim. © ML /