Register fast, run fast 2

Register fast, run fast

The registration phase for the seventh company running Group S. Elisabeth enters her final stroke. All runners can sign up until June 27th. The start signal will be fired on July 4 at 19:00 at the Sportpark Eickel Stadium.

After last year's running of the park had to go through the park, everything is now in balance again. "We are very pleased to be able to return to our popular and proven track," says organizer Henning Prinz. The trail leads back from the stadium through the housing estate at Heisterkamp and through the sports park back to the goal at the stadium. Right in front of the main entrance to the stadium, Decathlon will set up a waterfall for runners.
The evening ends with the fun after the race with a prize in the sports hall. With a lot of fun and team experience on the track, this year will be a few more action for all participants alongside running: Each participant will get Maritimo voucher. After the end of the trip, the group St. Elisabeth will provide you with relaxation and relaxation, offering free massages. In addition, team photos can be recorded at the end.
Moto events have not changed: to be there is everything. "It's starting in teams of four, all starting together, it's not a racket, and all four runners are added to the goal at one point, all of it is your team, working together, whether it's company, authority, slider, friends , the family or the club – everything is allowed, "says Prinz." It is not a speed and the individual time of the runners, but the feeling of the existence and the net of the whole team's time. "Fun factor and common experience are in the foreground." Therefore we reward teams for particularly attractive equipment and costumes. "Here is allowed anything that does not hinder or jeopardize runners. Special praise goes to the company that provides most teams.
There are three different registration groups: men, women and mixed. Mixed teams can consist of three women and one man, two women and two men or one woman and three men. Different age ratings are not made.
Detailed information about the race can be found on the home page: