SC Luhe-Wildenau knows for his strength 2

SC Luhe-Wildenau knows for his strength

SC Luhe-Wildenau knows for his strength 3

SC Luhe-Wildenau presented his new arrivals (in red jerseys, standing on the left): Johannes control, Tobias Grünwald, Marvin Melchner; Tobias Rudlof, Daniel Füssl, Murad Almurad and Barji Hussam. Florian Stadler is missing. Coach Thomas Rittner, sponsors Hans-Günther and Christoph Höhbauer (left) as well as Alexander Greitzke (district circuit supervisor), team leader Stefan Grünwald, head coach Thomas Diertl and SG coach Dieter Fischer (on the right) welcomed the newcomers.

Image: A. Schwarzmeier

In a sovereign manner with eight points of advantage, SC Luhe-Wilden has recently won the championship in the southern county. No wonder many experts highly appreciated the red. "We can certainly show a broad chest," said Thomas Diertl on Monday evening at the beginning of the training session. However, the head of department did not mention a certain seasonal goal. Only so Diertl discovered: "We want to establish a district league."

The coach also trusts his team very much in the new environment. "The team is hungry, ambitious, and can play very good football," said Roland Rittner, who in the beginning wanted to keep the coat. "It is clear that we do not want to have anything down, even if it's the strongest league in the years," Rittner pointed out. "But I want to wait for the first four to five games, then you can set the course."

SC Luhe-Wildenau builds most of the team, which has already proven its qualities in the last two seasons. The only starts are Johannes Schreier (SpVgg Pirk) and Stefan Frischholz (second team only). In turn, five newcomers will ensure that Rittner will be even more spoiled in the future. Of the Weiden-Ost club, the club joined Daniel Füssl (midfielder) and returnee Florian Stadler (offensive). Tobias Rudlof (defensive) and Johannes Regler (middle-back) are coming from the league league SV Sorghof. Promising talent is Marvin Melchner. The eighteen-year-old moved from A-junior SC Ettmannsdorf to Oberwilden.

In the list of injuries are currently Daniel Regner (cross-ligament rupture) and Andreas Igl (knee inflammation). However, a sports club with 22 men has a wide base of districts. "In this way we can compensate for the injury and create a competitive battle," says Diertl. For Rittner, "bandwidth" is important: "One or the other will also have to play in the other team." Conversely, with good performances, doors from district class to district are open. "

The second team, which continues to play in the union with rivals SV Etzenricht, announces new additions. These are Tobias Grünwald (U19 SV Etzenricht) and Murad Almurad and Barji Hussam (both Spvgg Pirk). The new Kreisklassenaufsteigers coach is Dieter Fischer.

His first test game ended on Wednesday at 18:45 against SpVgg SV Weiden's home team. Other dates: Saturday, June 29, at TB Roding; Sunday, June 30, in cup Erdinger-Meister; Wednesday, 3 July, against SV Mitterteich; Sunday, July 7, against SV Plößberga; Saturday, July 13, against BSC Regensburg.