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Success story development

I feel quite comfortable with my success in the sand right now: Ole Sagajewski.

I feel quite comfortable with my success in the sand right now: Ole Sagajewski. (Photos: Björn Hake)

The Beach Volleyball Season 2019 is becoming a real success story for Nilsa Mallon and Ole Sagajewski. After winning the A-Cupa in Osterode a week ago, they went to the tournament in the next higher category. In Wolfenbüttel, the duo TV Baden started in top 10 tournaments. And there they made the next step: After they were eliminated early on at Norderney in the Top 10 tournament, they went to Mallon / Sagajewski in East Lower Saxony far away. Only in the semifinal duo TVB resigned. Eventually he jumped for fourth place.

Wolfenbüttel should once again prove that setting up a list does not always have a great significance. Baden is located in 16 fields in twelfth place. The semifinals were therefore not really deserved. But everything should be different. Particularly in the third round, they proved to be more comfortable in the sand. After successfully completing the first two games, they met Tobias Brand and Jonas Reinhardt (Düren). This duo was at the top of the seed list.

The right attitude

Baders entered the sandbox as outsiders. But in this game, Sagajevski and his partner on the beach went with the right attitude. "Nils and I grew up and we were never satisfied," said Ole Sagajewski. And with such an attitude they came to success. After three controversial sets, the semifinal entry of two Badeners.

This does not mean that Nils Mallon and Ole Sagaywski have not previously been challenged by the competition. In the first two appearances they had to go to the Tchaikovsky. However, opponents Bastian Ebeling / Jonas Kaminski and Markus Köppke / Edgar Witt were narrowly defeated. The fact that TVB Beachers had to go all the way in all matches on the first day of the tournament, however, had an impact on the further course of the competition. "The second day we lost strength," Sagajewski said.

He and Nils Mallon barely missed a jump in the final. In the semi-finals, they again faced Ebeling / Kaminsky, who lost four leading teams through the lost round. As in the first game, four volleyballs donated nothing. Set number one went to Mallon / Sagaywski, second to his opponents – he had to decide again the tajbrejk. Ebeling / Kaminiski won at 16:14. "Of course you can defend yourself from this two," said Sagayevsky. With a little more luck, but also the finals was possible. Because of that, but he missed, Baden played against Alexander Krippes / Philipp Schumann for third place. After three sets Sagajewski and Mallon had to congratulate their opponents for success.

However, the disappointment at Sagajewski was quite limited: "I would like to take third place, but we have not been accustomed to top performance for two days yet." However, a successful tournament had the effect: self-confidence grew from two Baden TVs and Sagajewski / Mallon wants to prove it next weekend, then the next top 10 tournament will be in Braunschweig. "We will no longer belong to strangers," Sagajewski said, smiling. "And the field will be strong again. Still, they want to get back to the semifinals. "