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The coffin

When it comes to storing food, Chef's Banquet ™ sets a new standard for quality and taste. You will not believe that storing food can taste this good. All meals are designed with the highest quality ingredients. The ARK (All-purpose Readiness Kit) is great for long-term storage or for daily meals. For each meal, you should have three to four servings, such as dishes, beverages and fruits or vegetables. By the end of the day the average person will consume about 12 servings, which will be equal to the recommended 2100 calories a day. With a full 2100 calories per day for an adult for 30 days, ARK can be your own self-storage solution. Buckets can be opened before use because Metalite ™ zippered bags have a shelf life. Each meal takes less than 20 minutes to cook.
Advantages of ARK:
• Easy opening of the 30 metal zipper bags
• Oxygen absorber in each bag
• Quality and Value Guarantee
• Easy transport
• Bucket for 6 hours gallons
• Shelf life – up to 20 years – if stored in a dry and cool place
• No corn syrup with high fructose
• There is no nutrition information on MSG
Each ARK contains the following:
• 330 Total service
• 2100 calories per day for 30 days
• Porridge – 60 servings
• Heart potato soup – 60 servings
• Stewed vegetable dish with chicken flavor – 30 servings
• Mixed vegetables – 30 servings
• Instant potatoes – 60 servings
• Macaroni and cheese – 30 servings
• Beef Stew Cooking with Beef – 30 servings
• Cedar Broccoli – 30 servings