The woman kept the spot for the pimple - then she was removed because of the cancer of the nose 2

The woman kept the spot for the pimple – then she was removed because of the cancer of the nose

He did not go to the doctor for months: the woman had stain on pimples – she was removed for cancer of the nose

At first she thought that the stain on the nose of the pimple. After months of disappearance, 35-year-old Laure Seguy visited a dermatologist – diagnosis: skin cancer. Doctors had to operatively remove their nose tip.

Small pimple or scratch – at the beginning Laure Seguy considered the red spot on the nose to be safe. But the five-millimeter stain did not heal even after a few weeks. He blew constantly and made a cascade. As reported by the British media, "The Sun," even Seguy's family doctor last week suspected only bacterial pimples. They say he prescribed his antibacterial cream. If the job does not heal, he advised Seguy to visit a dermatologist.

On the phone, Seguy was first postponed and had a dermatological practice at the meeting until next February, the report said. "But when I said I had a patch on the nose that bleeds now and then five months, I've heard the silence at the end of the phone line," "The Sun" quotes a 35-year-old. "Soon after, the dermatologist told me: All right, we have a scheduled meeting for 15 days." At that moment, she knew she was serious.

In November 2018, the biopsy revealed that Seguy had basal cell carcinoma – the most common type of skin cancer in the world. Good news: In the smallest cases such cancer forms metastases, it is rarely dangerous to life.

The doctors cut her nose

In three procedures, doctors gradually removed malignant cancer cells. In May 2019, they first cut off a piece of ninety-millimeter nose and then cut off a piece of skin from Seguy's forehead. The patient was shocked when she first saw her new face, she reports. It seemed "absolutely bizarre".

Her scar is healed slowly, but the traumatic experience remains. As reported by The Sun, experience has prompted the British to think more about dangerous UV rays. She was terrified without sunscreen. Today, she has become more cautious: "I wear creams with a SPF 50 and a hat. You never know exactly how dangerous the sun is, and I do not want it ever to happen again."

How To Protect From Skin Cancer

Also, the Berlin dermatologist Christian Kors advises every day with a cream Apply a sun protection factor of 20 or more – regardless of the season. Anyone planning outdoor activities must adjust SPF upwards. Here Kors recommends protecting SPF 50 or higher.

What many people are not aware of is that even with SPF 50 you can not stay unlimited in the sun without damaging your skin. Tubular protection prolongs skin protection for a limited period of time. How long your skin is protected even without sunscreen depends on the type of skin you are wearing. Most of them are only minutes away. Sunscreen expands this self-defense with a certain sun protection factor.


  • Celtic skin type, 10 minutes self-protection
  • Sunscreen with SPF 15
  • Sun protection: 15 * 10 = 150 minutes

With a cream with SPF 15, the Celtic type is protected in the sun for a maximum of 150 minutes.

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Even shade does not protect 100% of UV light. The shadow of a tree or under the sunshade corresponds to the sun protection factor of about 15.

At the time for the provision

In addition, dermatologist Christian Kors recommends a regular screening of skin cancer. Such an examination was crucial to discovering and studying skin changes. Legal health insurance pays an investigation of 35 years in a two-year interval.

Kors also advises that the skin be examined once a month for abnormal changes. Pay special attention to new stains or changes in existing stains in shape, color or size.

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