These ingredients make Harzer cheese with pleasure 2

These ingredients make Harzer cheese with pleasure

Harz's sir: introduction

Harz's cheese originates originally actually from the resinhowever, today is made everywhere. Sir is a product of sour milk, which is made from skimmed milk.

prepare lactic acid bacteria It is used to divide the whey and the solid components. Rough cultures ripen to cheese from sour milk, eg also with Harz cheese.

Harzer cheese: weight loss due to less calories?

  • Harz's cheese contains little fat and lots of protein. Therefore, cheese is excellent for fitness women, whether they are on diet or simply prefer healthy foods.
  • The advantage of Harzer cheese is his excellent saturation effect, You will never be able to withstand it. At the same time many people avoid cheese because they taste it and especially It smells like embarrassing and chewing is considered to be difficult.
  • Harz cheese contains up to 300 mg of calcium. Calcium activates certain enzymes that stimulate weight loss. You can also get calcium from lean dairy products such as a squid.

Harz's cheese: nutrients

  • calorie: 115 kcal (100 grams)
  • protein: 29 grams
  • fat: 0.5 grams
  • carbohydrates: 0.1 grams

Harz's cheese: aroma

Since Sir Harzer does not satisfy all, we now want to give you an overview It opens its scent to give you another chance.

In connection with Harzer cheese is often cumin used, which surrounds the cheese spiced and seasoned. With regard to the remaining weeks until the end of the shelf life, you can appreciate cheese with acidic milk:

  • goods: Approximately five to six weeks before the disappearance of cheese
  • Aroma: Three to four weeks before the deadline, Sir Harz has an aromatic taste
  • Alive: The most intense taste of cheese, if you consume it only a week or two before drying out.

Harzer cheese: Recipes with sour cheese?

  • Combine Harzer cheese best with breadYou can also cut cheese on small pieces and, for example, with it Salads or pasta dishes accumulate.
  • After cutting you can still use the cheese Lime, oil or spices to improve the taste. You can find more cheeses here.
  • For a short time you can also use Harzer cheese Heat the oven or microwaveto get a more comfortable texture.

There is a wide variety of non-fat dairy products: from cocoons to natural yoghurt to shredded quark. We are approaching the benefits of the product.

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