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Diet and cavities – Pediatric dentist – Dental station

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Diet and cavities – what is known and suggested.

Experiment at a psychiatric hospital in Sweden.

1. Patients in this hospital received a healthy balanced diet consisting of 3 meals per day.

2. Overall, patients had a very low degree of caries – not many cavities.

3. Some patients get sticky, chewy candy with lots of sugar every 15 minutes.

4. Candied patients develop many cavities within a few months.

5. Patients in the hospital who often consume sugar. Patients have received many cavities after starting a diet with frequent carbohydrate intake, and their teeth probably looked like something like that
this photo on the right.

6. Many of the patients' teeth had to be removed. Other studies have shown that people who lived near the sea and eat fish have much less cavities than people who live inside and eat figs.

The fish is low in carbohydrates but the figs have a lot of sugar. Frequent consumption of sugary beverages throughout the day will increase the risk of tooth decay.

Juice, even diluted with water. Tip: You can mix juice and beverages with powder with xylitol powder (like powdered sugar) and it will be good for your teeth.

Soda, too, has a lot of sugar and acid. Tip: May use soda or similar device and use xylitol for sweetener. Adding carbonation to any liquid will lead to an increase in acidity.

Sports drinks have salt and sugar. Tip: Beverages that have only salts and ions will not harm the teeth. If the drink has an artificial or xylitol sweetener, it is good for the teeth.

It is better to have candies all at the same time and then bite it all day.

Foods in the following categories are useful proteins and arginine that lower acidity in the mouth and low in carbohydrates.

Dairy products: milk, cheese, homemade cheese, eggs, yoghurt and soybeans

Seeds and nuts: Sunflower seeds and cashew seeds

Seafood: Fish sticks and sandwich with tuna

Consider a healthy breakfast!

Milk: This makes the tooth good.

Cheese: Happy cows say cheese in California.

Sunflower seeds: grown in our own central valley.

Xylitol: This is a natural substance found in plants and trees that have approximately the same sweetness as sugar.

The caries that promote bacteria can not turn it into acid – so it can not lead to caries. It makes an excellent substitute for sugar in candy and chewing gum.

It has been found that xylitol increases saliva, reduces acidic and caries bacteria when used regularly 3-5 times a day after meals. It is available in many forms: Examples

Lollipops – Available at

Chewing gum – Can get the most stores

Dust – Available at

Other foods that can be useful

Ginger lichen root (glycyrrhizin) – available at It can reduce bacteria that promote caries.

Green tea (epigallocatichin) – Available in stores. It can reduce the activity of bacteria that stimulate caries.