Earth without sin?

"This is done with the politics of fears." It was in the middle of May Arnold Schuler He went hard with Alessandro Urzìo to court. Alto Adige Nel Cuore, a deputy in parliament, filed a proposal to "urgently withdraw the list of plant protection products approved in the areas for the protection of drinking water".

"The use of plant protection products in water protection areas can pose a threat to soil and surface water used for drinking water purposes. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the use to those that are compatible with the protection of drinking water."
As stated in Resolution no. 142 of March 12, with which the state government lists all these pesticides approved in Drinking Water Protection Areas can be applied

The decision has already called Urzì for Environmental Protection, the Green and the 5-star movement on the scene. Among other things, because there are six pesticides on it – captan. Chlorpyrifos-methyl. dithianon. fluazinam. mancozeb. glyphosate – which are partly controversial due to their potential or proven environmental or health hazards.
None of the drugs mentioned are ever discovered in drinking water "said Agriculture Adviser Schuler in Parliament in May, and moreover, in the areas of the protection of drinking water, only the plant protection products that are included in the positive list approved by the state government can be used, as was the case with Resolution no. 142 reduced by 38 funds It was, so Schuler. For example, since March 38 funds may be used less than before in the areas of drinking water protection.

Legambiente saw the black, Schuler's countertops

However, by refusing Urzi's resolution proposal, there was no reason. Last week, ecological organization announced Legambiente with this they give the country of South Tyrol "Black Flag" – Decision no. 142 approving the use of "potentially harmful to the environment of dangerous pesticides in sensitive areas or drinking water".

An awkward reward Arnold Schuler can not sit on himself. The Provincial Council is turning to one open letter for President Legambiente Stefano Ciafani. In it, Schuler is stunned by the "black flag" that Legambiente forgets when he sees her ecological sins, saying, "This charge is unjustified."

"Legambiente punishes South Tyrol because of its pioneering role in the field of plant protection because of the fact that we are doing much more than other Italian water protection regions, "Schuler convinced.

In a letter to two pages, the Agriculture Council states:

"South Tyrol is very careful in plant protection Legambiente misreads the state government's decision: it envisages a positive list of approved plant protection products in water conservation areas, which excludes all other plant protection products that may also be used under Italian law. is about harmonizing the conservation of water and agricultural production, and we have taken another step in that direction. No other region has created such a positive list. While other regions allow much more pesticides, Legambiente criticizes us for our Stronger, more active and more transparent in terms of crop protection! "

Besides that, Legambiente, so Schuler, that overcomes "In 82 percent of the agricultural area in South Tyrol, pesticides and mineral fertilizers are not being used, which means that only five percent of the total area is found in all cases, and the country follows the use of pesticides," No active substances were found in the South Sea drinking water ".

"The ultimate goal of agriculture remains to use pesticides to the required level minimum reduce and drift prevent "concludes Schuler.