Eco-test checks 29 products after sunbathing: a cool thing with no repair effect 2

Eco-test checks 29 products after sunbathing: a cool thing with no repair effect

June 27, 2019 – 13:14

15 products "very good", seven degrade

Last summer! But at 13 or 14 o'clock in the sun and at temperatures over 30 degrees, the skin may become too sunny. Sunlight products promise cooling, and sometimes even regeneration. The "Öko-Test" magazine looked more closely at 29 lotions, gels and sprays (number 07/2019). Good news: Get 15 products with top marks. But there are also seven. And they do not keep all the promises.

Reconstruction and repair? Wrong!

Especially the child's skin is sensitive to the sun

Especially the child's skin is sensitive to the sun

© Maria Pavlova (Maria Pavlova (photographer) – [None], Maria Pavlova

Too much sunbathing? No problem! At least this suggests the commercial messages of many products after sunbathing. So Rewe advertises, his "Today Sun SOS Sun Lotion" supports the regeneration process of the skin. "The fall of the reddish red is promoted by regular use," he says even when launching online products. It sounds almost like the drug can cure sunburn or at least reverse skin damage.

This is led by Professor Eckard Breitbart from the dermatological pandemic working group: "Advertising on products after sunburn has long annoyed me," he explains in a July eco-test. "When it comes to regeneration or repair, it leads to completely false expectations." The manufacturer sent a review to the magazine that should prove that their lotion relieves redness caused by light.

However, a three-day test of 20 subjects was not sufficiently far-reaching for journalists. In addition, the effect of the soothing skin effect was so minimal that it reduced the product rating in overall rating, just because it gives such promises. It can cure sunburn or at least alleviate the tested cosmetics. So always do it well before sunbathing!

They can be cooled: these products get top quality "very good"

But what it produces after sunbathing can do very well: in the short term it cools the skin heated by the sun. Because they usually contain more alcohol, water, glycerin and aloe vera and less fat than most Bodylotions. For example, a total of 15 successful test products achieved the highest grade of "very good", ie More than half of bottles and tubes with predominantly turquoise color, including very low cost.

Sunozon Après Lotion * from Rossman
Lavazon Cooling Après Spray from the Müller Pharmacy
Alverde Après-Gel Organic aloe vera * by Dm

Otherwise, all eleven natural cosmetics are among the test winners. Five caretakers after the sun were rated "good", one "satisfying", one "sufficient". But some of the testers did not like it: two "poor" and five "insufficient" are some very expensive products where the lab pollutes environmentally harmful plastic compounds such as PEG or potentially harmful substances for humans.

Some care products also contained the scent of Lilial, which was classified in animal studies as toxic for reproduction, or lyric because of allergenic potential that was soon forbidden, only because of transitional regulation in use.

Hawaiian Air Soft Tropical Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion
Nivea nourishes after sunbathing
Rituali Ritual Karme After sunshine Moisturizing lotion

So we help our skin through the sunny days

Eco-test checks 29 products after sunbathing: a cool thing with no repair effect 3

Before every sun bath, apply a lot of well-tested sunscreen with a high sun protection factor

  • Do not stay too long in the sun
  • Better still, stay in the shade
  • After sunbathing, scratch the skin with moisture, for example, by a positively evaluated after sunburn. It will make a very light body lotion or a regular body gel
  • Hold sunshine in the fridge to achieve the ultimate in freshness

Only a healing effect with mild burns should not hope for here: "The only thing that works is to protect the skin from too much sun," says professor of skin cancer Professor Eckhard Breitbart.

In the case of burns from the sun, especially the sun! And while the burns do not cure. What you can do and what you think about aloe vera lotions, explains the dermatologist in the video.

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