Fabio Gasser, Meggen: Winner of the Turnfest in the King category 2

Fabio Gasser, Meggen: Winner of the Turnfest in the King category

At the Federal Gymnastics Festival in Aarau from 15/16. In June 2019 Fabio Gasser (19) from Meggena won the singles competition K7.

Reck scores 9.40, 9.65, 9.30, 9.80 and 9.90 achieved a total of 48.05 points, leaving each other for four dozen. In an interview, the winner of the tournament comments on some issues.

Fabio Gasser, for the moment I congratulate you on your gymnastics victory in the royal category at the Swiss Gymnastics Festival in Aarau. The whole family of Gasser, Jacqueline's mother, father Moritz, sister Marion, brother Sandro and you are engaged in gymnastics at BTV Lucerne. What fascinates you with this sport?

Fabio Gasser: I am thrilled by the fact that the coordination of strength, agility and speed must be balanced in gymnastics. Not only is power key, but also other motor skills play a role so that a good effect can be achieved. During gymnastics you will better get to know your body. You know where to start and where to stop. It's a gain for life. And you meet many cool people, have a good relationship and have a good time. Team spirit, club life and coaching with the coach are very motivational and promote social cohesion.

What is needed to achieve maximum impact in soil, ring, jump, bar and horizontal strip disciplines?

Fabio Gasser: It certainly needs a good preparation. Competition only requires a good focus of work. At the same time determined relaxation. No persistence. And self-confidence in your own achievements. You should avoid thinking about what you could do better and better here. Believe in your skills – and complete the exercise!

How did you experience the competition in your department?

Fabio Gasser: In my group mostly Lucerne and Ob- and Nidwaldner. We managed to start working well in the team. The horizontal bar was a strict classification. We knew that. The ground floor, the rings, the jump, the grilles, everything went smoothly. The atmosphere was very cool, similar to the Swiss Championship. Not only men, but women have also been doing gymnastics. This has resulted in a very interesting and varied atmosphere. The competition was very exciting and partially balanced.

How do you deal with the tension in such a competition?

Fabio Gasser: It's actually hard to say. I try not to focus my thoughts on my exercises but stay relaxed. Concentration, calmness, serenity and self-confidence can be built during teenage years.

What other goals do you follow in gymnastics? Which of you in your career?

Fabio Gasser: I'm sorry for gymnastics because I'm going to be in aviation on Monday
Employment of a school. It is therefore uncertain when they can join the competition. My goal, however, is to become active again in gymnastics and to increase the degree of weight of certain equipment. I'm in the military at the stage of selecting military pilots. For now, I have to finish the recruitment school and then get to the police rank. Next, it follows the last phase of six week training selection on PC-7. After this course, he decides whether to get a job. Then there is a training for military pilots. And that is my goal.

Thank you, Fabio Gasser, in open answers.

Talk was led by Jost Peyer

Fabio Gasser, Meggen: Winner of the Turnfest in the King category 3
On the jumping device: a double jumper bent with a half turn.
Fabio Gasser, Meggen: Winner of the Turnfest in the King category 4
Medalist BTV Luzern, in the middle of Sandra Garibay and Fabio Gasser.