Mental ill people need help faster 2

Mental ill people need help faster

It is estimated that every third Swiss has problems with mental health for one year, almost every tenth is depressed. Many sufferers can help with psychotherapy, but access is not always easy. The Federal Council now wants to change it. On Wednesday, therefore, he directed a new regulation of psychotherapeutic psychotherapy to consultations.


Have you been with a psychotherapist?

Twenty years in Switzerland there is a so-called delegation model. Psychotherapy is taken only from basic insurance if delegated and supervised by a physician, usually a psychiatrist, and carried out in their premises. If this is not the case, the patient has to pay the costs or make additional insurance.

"Psychologists are equally well trained"

There is more and more criticism of the model, including the political side. It's gone because the psychology profession is protected since 2013 – such a bill. In fact, the law today implies that a psychologist can only name one who has successfully completed the appropriate master's degree.

In March, the Federation of Swiss Psychologists (FSP) submitted to the Federal Council a petition "Breaking the Barrier – Ensuring the Treatment of Mental Illness". Christoph Adrian Schneider, chair of the Swiss Association of Applied Psychology (SBAP), said in a statement: "Psychological psychotherapists are equally well educated in psychotherapy as do psychiatrists."

The Federal Council expects 100 million

The Federal Council now responded. Psychological psychotherapists should be able to work without medical supervision. People who are mentally attacked can go to a family doctor who then gives them a psychotherapist. This medical order is sufficient for the basic insurance covering the therapy.

The new model will provide faster treatment for mental illness, the Federal Council said. In urgent cases, the previous explanation of the psychiatrist would be outdated. In addition, this could prevent the near-close throat of the psychiatrist.

According to the Press Release, the Federal Council assumes that the cost of therapy worth about 100 million francs was covered by basic insurance. To control these costs, doctors in primary health care should be able to prescribe up to 15 psychotherapy sessions in the first place.

Psychiatrists warn of lowering the quality of treatment

Opponents of the amendment planned by the Federal Council warn, among other things, of these rising health costs. In the NZZ, Erich Seifritz, chairman of the Swiss psychiatric surgeon SVPC, said the abolition of the delegation model led to a strong division between psychiatrists and psychotherapists, as well as uncoordinated patient care. In order to help everyone in an appropriate and effective manner, cooperation between the two professions is crucial. Reducing the quality of treatment would not be used by patients.