One is "inadequate": this is how sparkling water breaks in the test 2

One is "inadequate": this is how sparkling water breaks in the test


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At the time of the heat, the Öko-Test magazine reviewed 53 types of carbonated water. Only half of them consider this to be desirable – in several samples they found increased levels of toxic substances.

The "Öko-Test" magazine tested 53 kinds of mineral water bubbles and thinks half of them are recommended. In every fourth water, the investigators have found uranium, arsenic or pesticides, and the variety has completely collapsed.

"Eco-Test" explored the "Classic" water. About half rated "good" or "very good" and therefore recommend them. Water – Apollinaris – got the rating "insufficient". In the category of "original purity" 80 percent of the grade achieved top marks, though the investigators criticized plastic bottles in discounts, which in their opinion pollute water.

Mineral Water: "Eco-Test" gives you advice on how to buy

In the eleven tested varieties "Öko-Test", pesticide-breakdown products of injectable presses were found. According to the testers, they no longer look like pesticides, but indicate that they were once in use. The sweeteners contained four types. These are indicators of domestic sewage contamination of mineral water. Therefore, the examiners evaluated these products – even if there is no health risk.

On the video: What's the best – tap water or mineral water?

"Öko-Test" gives you some tips for buying mineral water: regional waters are recommended to minimize transport costs and plastic bottles can be reused. Who wants to get cheaper, it should reach for tap water.

Mineral Water: Test Results

Rating "very good"

"Adelholzener Classic" from Adelholzener Alpenquelle

"Bad Brückenauer Spritzig" from Staatliches Mineralbrunnen Bad Brückenau

"Bad Liebenwerda Spritzig" from the mineral springs of Bad Liebenwerda

"Berg Quelle Classic" from Schwollen brandy

"Christinen Spritzig Bio" by Teutoburger Mineralbrunnen

"Elisabethen Quelle Spritzig Bio" from Hassia Mineralquellen

"Ensinger Sport Classic" by Ensinger Mineral-Heilquellen

"Extaler Mineralquelle Classic" by Rihe Richard Hartinger

"Forstetal 600 Calcium Fizzy Source" from Forstetal Beverage Source

"Gerolsteiner Sprudel" by Gerolsteiner Brunnen

"Nassauer Land Classic" from Oberselters Mineralbrunnen

"Original Selters Classic" from Selters Mineralquelle

"Residenz Quelle Spritzig" from Bad Windsheimer brand drinks

"Rheinfeld Quelle Klassik" by Rheinfelsa H. Hövelmann

"Rhön Sprudel Original" from Mineralbrunnen Rhön Sprudel

"Rosbacher Klassisch" by Hassia Mineralquellen

"Black Forest Sprudel Classic" from Forest Forest

"Sinalco Aquintel Classic" of German Sinalca

"Spreequell Classic" by Spreequell Mineralbrunnen

"Steinsieker Classic" from Brohler Mineral and Heilbrunnen

"Vilsa Fountain Classic" from the Fountain of Vilsa

"Viva Con Agua Laut" by Husumer Mineralbrunnen

Rating "good"

Bad Pyrmonter Classic from Bad Pyrmonter

"Caroline Classic Organic Mineral Water" from Mineralquellen Wüllner

"Source Eifel Original" from Eifel Source

"Franken Brunnen Spritzig" from Franken Brunnen

"Peterstaler Classic" from mineral sources Peterstaler

"Saskia Classic" by Lidla

The rating "satisfactory"

"Aqua Culinaris Classic" by Aldija Süda

"Bad Kissinger Classic" by Bad Kissinger Mineralbrunnen

"Elitess Classic" by Penny

"Euro Perl Classic" Brunnen Union St. Christophorus

"Good & Cheap Classic" by Edeka

"Hassia Sprudel" from Hassia Mineral Spring

"That! Classic "by Rewe

"K-Classic Spritzig" from Kaufland

"Gold Coast Classic" by BE Markenhandel

"Mineau Classic" by Anna Zimmermann

"Naturalis Classic" Net Marken-Discount

"Nürburg Quelle Classic" from Nürburg

"Quellburg Vitaqua Quelle Classic" by Aldi Nord

"Teinacher Classic" from Mineralbrunnen Teinach

"Tip Classic" from Real

Rating "Sufficient"

"Alasia Spritzig" from ESH

"Förstina Sprudel Permium Spritzig" by Förstina Sprudel

"Hella Classic" Hansa Mineralbrunnen

"Hochwald Sprudel" from Hochwalda Sprudel

"Justus Brunnen Spritzig" by Förstine Sprudel

"Odenwald Source Classic" from the source in Odenwald

"Rhenser Classic" Rhenser Mineralbrunnen

"Salvus Classic" in Salvusa Mineralbrunnen

"Schwollener Classic" by Schwollener Sprudel

Rating "insufficient"

"Apollinaris Classic" by Apollinaris

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