Sexy Girl on the Beach: Jana Ina Zarrella gives six bikini body tips at the last moment 2

Sexy Girl on the Beach: Jana Ina Zarrella gives six bikini body tips at the last moment

Cologne –

Jana Ina Zarrella (42) could rely on her "good genes" until the end of the 30s and was always skinny. But then she became an ambassador for the bikini campaign – and ambition grabbed her.


Jana Ina Zarrella shows her "Hot Body".

The manager completely changed his diet and started practicing. Since then, pilates and bodyweight workouts have long been a part of everyday life. Here she gives tips on how to quickly get bikini figures up to big holidays.

As a beginner you need to practice the first exercises very slowly and consciously, while the movements are not internalized. If you want to be ready for a summer vacation in three weeks, try as often as you can to complete your training.

Eat the protein. They have relatively few calories and only a small amount of fat, ensuring long-lasting satiety and long-lasting healthy muscle. Tip: Salad of wild plants with roasted pineapple, chicken breast, avocado and tomato cocktail (has about 500 calories).

Usually I think so-called cheats are key to a successful balance of body and soul, but in the next three weeks you have to be strict to yourself. Pizza, French fries, chocolate? None. Do not use salt, sugar or fat to prevent water getting too expensive.

Drink a lot and properly! Alcohol destroys all the plans at the last moment, so no glass is allowed. Instead: water, water, water, lemon or berry juice. In the summer, I like to drink ice-cold water, enriched half a cucumber, green apple, ten leaves, a piece of gingerbread, all cut into fine slices, along with lime juice and a small pinch of pepper, which boosts metabolism. Let him stay in the refrigerator for several hours. I also swear by green tea, which has the effect of desalting.

Exercise training is designed as a circular training, one trainer exercises only with short interruptions between them. It's best to work one minute and then pause for 20 seconds (Jani Inas has more work in the book).

Be kind to yourself, create positive thoughts. Then it is much easier to solve your own problem areas – if there are any problem areas at all.

Favorite Exercises Jane Ine:



This exercise has everything: Board.

It looks easy, but it has everything: Board. Here's how it works: Take a quadrant stand, lean on your forearms. Grow your legs on your back, feet close. Tighten the body like a board ("board"). It must form a straight line from head to toe. Keep this position 30 to 60 seconds. From time to time, increase or change repetitions, for example in high support (high back) and go back.



"Wall Sitting" is a good exercise for the feet.

"Wall back": With the back to the wall, with the gap between hips and feet, with the toes slightly outward. Slide down the wall while your feet swing at a 90 degree angle. Keep position for at least 30 seconds and repeat.
Stand-alone variant: Sumo squat. Standing upright with broad legs, hands stretched to the chest height. Go down, as if you wanted to get down to one
Sit on the chair, hands are provided.



It is important that the neck and spine make a line.

Kick Back: In the quadruple base of the head, neck and spine make a straight line, fingers are placed. Raise one foot back, roughly at right angles, press the foot rest of the foot against the concealed resistance until you feel the maximum tension in the corresponding lower half. Change sides, work slowly and controlled. Variation for "Professionals": Keep your feet kneading slightly raised from the ground and train in that position.