Simply losing weight: So, you increase the power of will 2

Simply losing weight: So, you increase the power of will

Lose a few pounds? It does not look that hard at first. Get rid of greasy fast food, do not chew between, move a little bit more and, most importantly, hold it!

There is a need for strength to lose weight

Whether it's the body of dreams, money-saving or marathon training: to achieve goals, first of all, the power of will. And that is especially when weight loss at the beginning is always very high. Finally, the first kilograms fall fastest and allow the motivation to accelerate the comet. Sweete seduction, like a birthday cake of her beloved colleague, but unfortunately they are stinging everywhere. Therefore, those who want to change their condition or weight in the long run should first of all do their best.

More power of will when you lose weight: Avoid motivation traps

As it would not be tempted at all, it is worthwhile to make the area even lighter as for sweets: cookies, chips, Schoki and Co are unfortunately lost at home and at work to make places for healthy snacks. reduce or alleviate craving for food.

More strength in losing weight: Form A-Team

If you set high goals, you will have a support system that celebrates success and helps with motivational problems: Colleagues and friends should be familiar with serious weight loss plans to not offer unnecessary calorie sins. So eating change does not become a refugee, but immediately helps your closest friends: Instead of meeting with your girlfriend in a pizzeria, walking along with a healthy picnic is just as good.

More power of will when you lose weight: Think

No matter how motivated you are at the beginning, at some point is the question where do you wonder: Why do I do it all the way? To be in the process, you should always be aware of what you are actually fighting for. Specific goals, such as sports competitions or desired weights, can help visualize.

To achieve a long lasting and healthy weight reduction, we recommend changing the diet. Radical diets can cause and promote eating disorders. Diet is a serious illness that needs professional help. If you or your family members are affected by eating disorders, you will find, for example, on the phone line for addiction (089/28 28 22). Here you can – anonymously, without obligation and free – 24-hour talk to someone who advises you, supports you, and listens to you.