Spastic Fantastic Festival 2019 at FZW Dortmund 2

Spastic Fantastic Festival 2019 at FZW Dortmund

Like every year in the summer, FZW Dortmund turns into a foundation of good mood; when Dortmund Punklabel invites Spastic Fantastic Records to the party and company's birthday. For 12 years, footage, hardcore, surfing and garage footage has been thrown out of the walls of secret bunkers in the city center.

However, as with any well-organized company, it should not be neglected regeneration and brightness, so 29.6.2019. The rest of the hammer and the crow for several hours and over 10 bands play with the happy Ringelpietz with the ancrusten. If you read this letter, we cordially invite you to get a card for this fast dinner for just 5 euros + fees. Please play in local, national and international bands for noise and laughter: FCKR, Acne Kid Joe, Amen 81, Twin Powder, MISSSTAND, Founding, Annoying News, Weak Connections, Johnny Notebook, Nordic Walking and Highly Appreciated Special Act. As always, Nazis, mackerels and idiots are not part of the fun and therefore stay at home and feel bad. See you soon, your Ministry for fast, reliable and thorough demolition – SFR GmbH.

FCKR, Leipzig
Dummlandschweine on the way to Deutschpunkolymp or Drecksch, Dreckscher, FCKR and Elitenförderung to a new level! The high level of mongering with flat, nasty sound and synthetic support reminds the old classics of NDW. Leipzig shocks.

Acne Kid Joe, Europa Park
The massive shooting of Zisselmännchen: Acne Kid Joe from Nürnberg plays "the soundtrack for the undefeated punk of today's middle class: at the same time stupid and somewhat smart, amateur and somehow excited, in old-fashioned traditions arrested and somewhat modern." , We look forward to coming, German champion and already easier to stick and more sockets ready.

Amen 81, Tasmania
25 years AM-EN 81! The institution in terms of brutal hardcore punch and severe weather forecasts visits the contemplative Rursta Valley on a small lecture on misanthropy and pessimism, while on a small lemon cake 25 jokes are waiting to re-ignite after being blown.

Twin pigs, Stockholm
Unbreakable and frenetic celebrate with the Twin Pigs "Refused Quote" – the next Swedish feeling after we finally saw how the pavilion shows full and famous. He says the camp noticed that he should hand over a clean worker to change his shift. "Hockeypucker idiot banana punk" hits every German rocker with joking in the face. Rousing hardcore punk with street credibility and a pulsating synthesizer bass that shoots more than one minute per minute than ABBA.

MISSSTAND, hinterland
Provocative like Thomas Gottschalk and ridiculous as Günther Jauch delivers the illness of THE Deutschpunkbrett evenings – and yet Austrians LEL. As a big industrial baker, three boys know that stagnation is a death and must be raised early in the revolution. The accelerated Mitgröhl-Punk, which comes to intelligence and innovation away from similar bands.

Founding, NL
After unsuccessful bands such as Citizens Patrol, Antidote, or Born From Pain, members now try out a new format in the Dutch evening program: The Establishment dengeln sometime between the 80s of hardcore punk and sharp, cold-wave post-punk earworm in a hit from Wattloch in your head.

Discreet News, ()
Discreet news in Dortmund "Toxic Banana Spider in the Edeka Campaign Launches Firefighting Mission" ( from February 2, 2019). Discontent in Bielefeld: "A four-punk band that has been proven more poisonous than banana spiders". Raw, punk hardcore punk from garage to sewer.

Founded as the BLINK 182 Coverband for Staatsführer's City Festivals, Bielefeld's Slow Links have, at one point, been a brave step to composing their own songs, putting the tempo and putting the Kleinhirngesellschaft in the ruins. Speedo-Indoor-Hardcore-Punk from the Asphalt Trio!

Johnny Notebook, Tuffy
Johnny Notebook is a C64 which controls and writes Dean Dirg and Toyotas-Mastermind dance and entertainment program from the city, which is known only to the fact that at some point the circus elephant fell from the elevated rail. It's also the music of Johnny Notebook's trumpet: an angry, ancient animal stuttering, but suddenly inside, a cage of crossed arms and rigid structures to break. Synthetic DEVO punk with gossip and guaranty.

Nordic Walking, Dortmund
Cookiemonster-Mosh-Stop-and-go-Powerviolence as it used to be on the West Coast, and today plays the Dortmund Nordic Walking Singing Choir. Unfortunately, Maritime riders travel faster than Schumacher to divert them, so their original set of 60 minutes is now accelerated for 10 minutes. A small interlude of science on physics: Divide the speed of the sound.

Entry: 17:30 | Start: 18 hours | Entry: VVK: 5 € plus fee, AK: 7,5 €