Sunscreen Creams: These are the Best! 2

Sunscreen Creams: These are the Best!

Sunscreen was tested with high SPF. Let's be honest: something else would make little sense, because as summer is currently being displayed, SPF can not be high enough! Let's start now with that Test winner with SPF 30
to: That is it Private label dm
, reports Not for the first time because "Sundance"
but has been several times in the ranking of the best represented. With a cost of 1.73 euros per 100 milliliters of extraordinary UVA and UVB protection, even in humidity, he is convinced.

On second place
according to. t "Nivea for protection and care of the sun"
at a price of € 6.50 for 100 milliliters. third place
ranging from LSF 30, "Sun Sensitive Gently Softening Milk" by Lancaster
(12.38 euros per 100 milliliters).

Best with LSF 50

from the best sunscreen with SPF 50
he became "Philosophy Sunspray Sensitive" by Jean & Len
excellent. Pump speed is 5.18 euros per 100 milliliters. Close behind and Also "very good" cut "Lavozon Sonnenmilch" Müller
(1.98 euros for 100 milliliters), was at the same time the cheapest sunscreen with SPF 50
in the test. Third place took over "Ombia Sun Ultra Sensitive Sunspray" Hofer
(5.99 euros per 100 milliliters).

More cheap, good products

Other cheap products that are once again on the ladder are: "Cien Sun Sonnenmilch Classic" from Lidl, the sun's own brand of Today from Penny and other Rewe stores and the sunscreen of its own brand Sunkiss by Spar.

Speich rituals are falling

According to, two products failed because they did not meet the specified SPF: Sun Sun Cream Speicka and Ritual Karma Sun Protection Milky Spray Ritual. The latter also unnecessarily contains controversial scent Lilial, suspected of affecting reproductive ability and genetic material.