Unclean skin: Because of this, the colon is often the cause of the pimple 2

Unclean skin: Because of this, the colon is often the cause of the pimple

You suffer from bad skin, but the cure does not help? Then your problem could not have anything with fake beauty products, but it would be much more complicated. We will tell you why the colon often causes skin stains and what can you do with it …

Probably all of us know the problem: As soon as our skin tends to fall, we feel uncomfortable and want to hide in the house all day. This seriously limits our quality of life and above all, one thing suffers: our self-confidence. Then you are constantly wondering why you now get pimples, even though you have already come out of puberty and use only the best beauty products. Also, if you are careful not to use a lot of makeup and nothing changes, it can be very frustrating. The cause of impurities might have to do with some body we do not even think about – our gut. We'll tell you what are the reasons and how you will kill the puddles in the future.

Unclean skin: Because of this, the bowels are wrong

Our skin shows us exactly how our bowels are. At first it may sound weird, but quite convincing. Our intestinal flora consists of innumerable bacteria that naturally occur in our body and help us in detoxifying the body. For example, if our intestinal flora is damaged by antibiotics, too much sugar and unhealthy fat, our bowels will move detoxification to other organs, including skinSo substances are excreted, which is visible to impurities. In addition, attacked intestinal flora can not absorb all necessary nutrients that our skin desperately needs.

This can be done for an intact intestinal flora

Above all, our diet determines how our bowels are treated and so our skin. For example, sugar-rich foods can shed healthy bacteria in the intestines, leaving pathogens and harmful fungi an opportunity for invasion. Fat fat, excess stress and food additives also have a negative effect on our bowel function. Instead, we should especially take fiber-containing foods such as large bread or oatmeal in the morning, and integrate as much fruit and vegetables as possible into our diet. Yogurt (no added sugar!) And pudding are also highly recommended because the bacteria containing the lactic acid support the intestinal flora. Apart from a balanced diet, it is very important to drink enough and enough to move.

Of course, not all skin diseases are the result of disturbed intestinal flora, so you should seek advice from strong impurities.

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