Weight Loss: Drinking coffee should help during diet 2

Weight Loss: Drinking coffee should help during diet

Why does coffee help you lose weight?

If you are one of the people who like to drink coffee and try to lose weight, the results of a recent study might interest you. Researchers have now found that drinking coffee can actually contribute to weight loss.

A study conducted by scientists at the University of Nottingham School of Medicine found that drinking coffee can help people lose weight. The results of the study were published in the journal Scientific Reports in English.

Weight Loss: Drinking coffee should help during diet 3
Can coffee consumption really help us lose weight? (Picture: BillionPhotos.com/fotolia.com)

Coffee activates brown flesh in the body

The benefits of weight loss are achieved by stimulating the so-called " Brown fatty tissue in the body. This type of fat burns calories to produce bodily heat. Coffee appears to trigger brown flesh in the body. The so-called brown fat leads to different effects in the body than, for example, white fat. Brown fatty tissue creates heat by burning sugar and fat, often as a reaction to cold, the researchers explain.

Brown fat can improve blood sugar control and blood lipid levels

Increasing the activity of this type of fat improves blood sugar control and blood lipid levels, and excess calories will help you lose weight. The research results could, according to the researchers, have a major impact on society. Potential outcome effects should not be underestimated because obesity is a major health problem for society, and more and more people are suffering from diabetes, the researchers explain. The effects of coffee on our brown fatty tissue can be part of the solution to effectively counteract these problems.

Burn calories through coffee consumption?

First, researchers used stem cells to check whether caffeine affects brown fat. They then examined people using thermal imaging technology to track physical outbreaks of brown fat during heat release. Thus, they found that brown fat was activated immediately after drinking coffee and warming up, pointing out that it had begun to work and began to burn calories.

How much coffee is healthy?

Further coffee-related research is now being carried out to determine which coffee-maker triggers fat, though researchers believe the effect is the consequence of the caffeine they contain. If you are wondering how much cup of coffee you can safely drink every day, you may be interested in the results of another study. It was found that consuming up to 25 cups of coffee a day does not strengthen the arteries and is safe for heart health. (As)


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