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Angela Merkel: New Zitteranfall // The Case of Horror in "Let's Dance" // "Alf" Star …

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Angela Merkel: Another attack! Great care for the chancellor

What about Angela Merkel's health? At a meeting at the Bellevue Palace, the chancellor began to shake off uncontrollably. So right now. >> to article

"Let's Dance – a Professional Challenge" in 2019: a horrible accident! Evgeny and Martha were injured after the accident

Evgeny Vinokurov and Marta Arndt are now vulnerable to a show-off on "Let's Dance – a Professional Challenge"? In training crash, two dancers suffered violent injuries. Learn how it is going now and can you find out two television stars on Thursday night on the floor. >> to article

Max Wright is dead: the star "Alf" has died of cancer at the age of 75

American actor Max Wright died at the age of 75. He became known in the 80's as Father Willie Tanner in the series "Alf". >> to article

Stiftung Warentest updated in July: Sunscreen in the test! You can forget about these products

You can not miss a beach vacation: sunscreen. Stiftung Warentest has now reviewed several products. Result: Not all products deliver what they promise. >> to article

Dan Siebenschläfer today 27.06.2019: Do you prophesy the summer of heat?

"As time goes on speaking, it's been ordered for seven weeks," says the old rules of peasants. What is the day with the rodents in common, which means the peasant rule and how the time should be 27.06.2019, you can find out here. >> to article

Abuse of scandal in the US: Mother beat her own daughter and cooked pots in the pot

The American is currently charged with child abuse and extreme cruelty to animals. The 53-year-old has been abusing her children for years and barking a dog's dog that tortured the pot. >> to article

Bizarre message: kidnapped in the cave! Russians survive the bear attack

On the Russian-Mongolian border, the hunters discovered a man in the cave. It is said to him that he fought a bear for his life for a month. How could this survive? >> to article

PHOTOGRAPHS: "Let's Dance" 2019 Do you remember all the winners of "Let's Dance"?

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