Anti-aging: Everyone should use this beauty product - hard dermatologists 2

Anti-aging: Everyone should use this beauty product – hard dermatologists

When it comes to proper skin care, there are many things to consider, and according to dermatologists, special attention should be paid in the future when we buy cream on this supplement …

Any nutrient hyaluronic ampoules, such as those from the oocyte, serum, oil, or hydrating agents – When it comes to perfect skin care, we've already tried a lot. However, when it comes to dermatologists, we have neglected something important and it is a sun protection factor. Of course, in summer, quality sunscreen is one of our mandatory products, but be honest, especially in cloudy and cold days, it does not really matter if our SPF cream has it. But this is the biggest mistake we can make in skin care …

SPF: we need to know this

Use protective factor products only when the sun is wrong, Because even in oblique days, harmful UV rays reach our bodies and they encourage aging skin is no longer a secret. But what are the UV rays and what are they doing with our skin? Of course, we do not want to give a scientific lecture here, but the difference between UV-A and UV-B and the effects on the skin should be familiar to every addictor of beauty.

UV rays do not differ from wavelengths of light and they differ in three different ways (UVA, -B and -C). While UVC rays do not play a role in our skin because they do not reach the Earth's surface, The other two variants are among the enemies of our skin. Only about ten percent of the UVB air reaches ten, but this low percentage is responsible for the development of tan tan or painful sunburn, as it promotes melanin production. By contrast, UVA rays strike our body unfiltrated and penetrate deep into the skin layers. there They cause the formation of free radicals that cause cell damage and skin return. As a result, ten loses its elasticity and wrinkles.

The sun protection factor is ultimately responsible for protecting the skin from harmful air. The value is displayed – 15, 30 or 50 – How long this treatment protects us from direct sunlight. This can be easily calculated, multiplied by factor 10 only, which stands for minutes (Example: SPF 15 x 10 minutes = 150 minutes of protection).

This is what dermatologists recommend for face care

Dermatologists warn long before the effects of overexposure to UV radiation. Above all, they recommend regular use of daily creams with SPF for wrinkle, pigmentation and the like. In addition, day cream with SPF not only protects against premature skin aging, but also has a regenerative effect and can reduce wrinkles. Last year, research in the journal "Dermatological Surgery" was published, for which The skin reaction of 32 women older than one year was analyzed for regular SPF treatment. Result: more than half of women can not detect any new UV damage, in one quarter of the participants you can even notice skin reduction (less pigmentation and wrinkles). Experts estimate that the daily use of sunscreen gives the skin a chance to regenerate, ie wrinkles can be alleviated. So if we start using day spa with SPF now and even if we have ignored the sun protection factor over the last few years, we can our skin the ability to fix it. However, care should be taken that the treatment lasts half an hour before it is released It is also carefully placed on the face, neck and neckline so that all areas are protected.

These creams with LSF are the real bestsellers

Of course, we do not want to treat our face with an oily sunscreen, even if the Foundation, Corrector and Co. are missing, but now our drugstores offer a variety of options. on face care with SPF, which does not differ in consistency at least from other SPF-free treatments. For example, "Neutrogena Hydro Boost City Protect" moisture fluid with SPF 25 for less than 10 euros not only protects the skin from UV rays but also other environmental influences. In addition, 4.1 of 5-star treatment is Amazon's Choice and reviews à la "Optimum daily care, quick absorbing and long lasting hydration – SPF 25 is excellent, replacing sunscreen in office days." speak a combination of care and sunscreen. ☀️

Very Important: Also consider the game under the eyes, because the skin is particularly sensitive to it. NIVEA Eye Care "Hyaluron Cellular Filler Anti-Age", also the award-winning Amazon Choice, with a 15th SPF, ensures optimal protection of this area from harmful air. So we are ready for cloudy days before aging skin. However, these treatments should not be used as a sunscreen on a beach day, as UV protection is too low.

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