At Risks And Side Effects - Homeopathy company requires cessation and withdrawal 2

At Risks And Side Effects – Homeopathy company requires cessation and withdrawal


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Homeopathy is a critical field in the medical landscape. So many people who swear to globulis, drops and small pills, are so strict and against mention of homeopathy in the medical context. Homeopathy is nothing but esotery and joke, some say that homeopathy is a natural remedy for man, others say.

Opinions vary widely, especially when it comes to statements about alleged alternative treatment methods for serious illnesses such as cancer.

The difference between registered and approved homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic opponents like Natalie Grams and Gerd Glaeske do not retain their opinion on alternative medicine and publish their opinions on internet platforms and books.

Against the claim that homeopathy is not more effective than placebo, the company is now Hevert-Arzneimittel. They demand the omission of this statement, and it is especially the fact that this statement does not make a difference between registered and approved homeopathic remedies. The latter must demonstrate efficacy in the alleged application area. Hevert's homeopathic remedies are approved, and not just registered homeopathic remedies. Natalie Grams announced Hevert's efforts by providing crap with a pharmaceutical company.

Gram Grams accuse Hevert of trying to suppress and legally restrict the freedom of expression and scientific knowledge. Even politicians such as health scientist Karla Lauterbach joined this movement and warned of "hopeless shops" shed with homeopathic remedies.

Hevert does not see the suppression of freedom of expression

Hevert's comments on allegations of suppression of freedom of expression are clear:

"We are mONto emphasize that the freedom of expression and expression are fundamental democratic rights and that we understand themONThis includes the freedom of therapy and diversity in medicine. As such, we always welcome discussion based on science and facts, because we consider homONdrug opiates as an integral part of health care. "

Since Hevert-Arzneimittel also sells classic chemical-synthetic agents such as procaine and diphenhydramine, the company wants to find its name with negative claims in the field of homeopathic medicine in the media.

The pharmaceutical company has already been successful in the Bremen health scientist and pharmacist Gerd Glaeske. Here Hevert has already got a promise that Glaeska can no longer claim in the future, with homeopathic remedies in principle would not be effective. Whether the company has succeeded with Natalie Grams, it remains to be seen.

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