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Care for mature skin

LPS / Str. Skin needs special care in old age. It is usually diluted, quicker to dry and loses elasticity. The skin starts wrinkling, which is caused by the lack of estrogen. The lack of estrogen in women slows the production of collagen fibers, making the skin seem compact; As a result, wrinkles appear. Scientists have discovered that lifestyle plays a key role in aging skin.

For example, nicotine and alcohol consumption favors aging of the skin while healthy eating, exercise, and adequate sun protection may slow down. Skin is ideal for care with rich care products because it requires more moisture than young skin. Special eye creams are suitable for sensitive skin under your eyes. In drugstores there are a number of "anti-aging products" of different manufacturers. It is almost impossible for a consumer to decide on a purchase. The range of companies and their products greatly hampers the decision making process for the right product. Therefore, it may be helpful to pay attention to certain ingredients.

Urea, hyaluronic acid and glycerin give skin moisture. Retinol, a pure vitamin A form, is also a popular ingredient and is widely used as an active ingredient in anti-aging products. It can stimulate the growth of skin cells and stimulate collagen production, making the skin firm and elastic. In case of uncertainty in the selection, expert advice is urgently required to take into account all possible allergies.