"Cases of white skin cancer explode" 2

"Cases of white skin cancer explode"

Lighter skin cancer is the most common cancer in Central Europe. Recovery chances are good, but many of them misread small tumors. About Detection and Prevention of Basal.

Countless hours of his life Walter Rüegg, 75, spent in nature. Preferably high on the glacier in the strong sun. A resident postman from Zurich Unterland still remembers how he sometimes came home in the evening with a bright red head from a mountain trip. "At that time it was not usual to wear a hat and a cream." Not only on walks or skiing, even at home when it swirled, it has long abandoned sunscreens. "From the possible consequences …


For early detection of melanoma, Rule ABCD.

symmetry: irregular, non-circular

BLimit: unclear, irregular edges

Color (color): different colors

Dynamik: Changes in Size, Color and Thickness If the mole has one or more of these characteristics, it should be shown to the dermatologist. Even a fast growing or bloody mole is used by a doctor.

Various skin cancers


Plasma cell carcinoma (Spinali) is the second most common form of white skin cancer. It can create metastases in an advanced stage. In rare cases, patients may die from it. Spinalios look like a dormant nodule that is lathered and barked. The precursor is "actinic keratosis", which is a reddish, rough appearance of the epidermis. When the actinic keratosis grows in the dermis, spinal muscles develop. For the treatment of actinic keratosis, the same methods are commonly used in the case of superficial basal cell carcinoma. Spinal prosthesis usually needs to be removed surgically.

basal cell carcinoma

Also called basalomas, the most common form of skin cancer light.


Melanoma (black skin cancer) is a malignant skin tumor. Melanoma can look bright, dark, straight or nodular. If melanoma is diagnosed, the affected tissue must be removed at a safe distance. If the shoots are already formed, a target tablet or immunotherapy starts.