Emsculpt: Abdominals and tighter skin without sport and nutrition 2

Emsculpt: Abdominals and tighter skin without sport and nutrition

The athletic body with defined muscles and tight contours is usually a result of discipline, reduced diet and a lot of sweaty training. If the method promises to shape thin, muscular figures at the touch of a button and without any nutrition or exercise, you will respond with appropriate skepticism.

Innovation from the United States, the so-called Emsculpt method, should now bring amazing results and shape the stomach and butt as effectively as a HIIT exercise with a personal trainer. And at the top of everything, you can – while this promising device melts fat pads and make muscles grow – relax comfortably and surf the smartphone.

EMS training: electromagnetic waves as a trend

The positive influence of electromagnetic waves on muscle tissue has already been proven by various researches, so the popular idea of ​​its use in shaping figures is faster and more effective – so-called EMS trainings, where fitness exercises are supported by electromagnetic waves. , are just an example of the current EMS trend.

Relaxation instead of sweating: this is how Emsculpt works

Emsculpt is an innovative program for body shaping that treats the desired part of the body – especially the stomach and the buttocks – with an applicator of approximately the size of the palm. This results in high intensity electromagnetic impulses in the tissue, which break down the fat and stimulate the growth of the muscles. Unlike EMS training, however, neither the device nor the body needs to be moved, because for about 30 minutes of treatment, the Emsculs device is simply fixed with an elongated strap to the waist, while comfortably lying in the relaxed lounger.

How Emsculpt works on the body and muscles

In Emsculpt's treatment, device impulses emphasize the tissue as intensely as you can to make up to 20,000 sitting places or squats in half an hour – with your own muscle strength unimaginable. Muscles are contracted under the influence of electromagnetic waves at an unusually high frequency so that the metabolic processes in the tissue run at full speed, fat is melted, and the muscles are strengthened as in demanding strength training.

Namely, significantly increased adrenaline release due to contraction should increase fat burning up to 19 percent and muscle growth by 16 percent. Because of the simultaneous effect of lipolysis, ie the pulsation of fatty acids, the fat cells die forever and gradually break down with natural metabolism. By the way, the connective tissue elasticity improves, which is why the contour is not only significant after four Emsculs treatments, but is also firmer and the skin seems to be lifted.

Consequences and Costs of Processing Emsculpt

Emsculpt is completely painless while the surface of the skin remains untouched; After treatment, muscle inflammation may occur, which reduces as usual. Additional muscle training in the gym is not required – the figure is formed during a four to six week treatment alone Price: about 600 euros per session.


Emsculpt is an effective way to stimulate fat loss and muscle growth and improve your skin in the eye. Even for slim, sporty people, the new EMS treatment is suitable for restart after a longer vacation in sports or faster training, for example before the competition.

Anyone who wants to be skinny and muscular on a permanent basis should, however, rely on proven strategies, ie on balanced nutrition and exercise. Generally, treating EMS should always precede medical consultation to rule out individual risks, for example due to implants or cardiovascular disorders; copper coil (or Gynefix) should be removed before treatment.

Emsculpt can now be tested free of charge on the S-tetin. Additional information and free terms can be obtained by calling 0800/66 47 445 or online at S-bet.de.

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